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About of Strategic Product Service

A professional who specializes in the product required to execute the strategy designed. We provide products based on strategy, such as video, event, website, and graphic, through our integrated in-house system. Planning and production progress is handled completely in-house, and both cost and quality are achieved.


  1. 1. Product creation linked to strategy

    “Impact and design are fresh and surprising, but as a result I could not find much effect,” product production always conforms to the philosophy, mission, and management strategy. It is thought that it can be a tool that fits the purpose.
    At our company, all products are produced in a manner linked to strategic planning, so it is possible to provide while maximizing the effect of output in the area required for corporate activities.

  1. 2. Maximize customer satisfaction through thorough “PQC”

    PQC stands for P = Progress, Q = Quality, C = Cost. As a basic concept to improve customer satisfaction when providing "Strategic Products Services", it is a way of thinking that is a guideline for all product production.
    "Progress" means that all schedules are running smoothly, depending on when the client needs it.
    "Quality" means that it's the best way to meet or exceed the needs of our clients.
    "Cost" means that it matches the budget set by the customer while maximizing "Progress" and “Quality".
    Whether or not all of them are provided in a well-balanced manner is the optimization of PQC, and we think that it is the source of maximizing customer satisfaction that “Strategic Product Service” creates.

  1. 3. The extensive network of creators inside and outside Japan

    Most of the work involved in product production (e.g. planning, producing, production, etc.) can be implemented without subcontracting. We have a lot of talented people such as excellent producers and directors, and we are staffing flexibly according to the high and low budget.
    In addition, if specialized capabilities and functions are required, we will select from our extensive partner network (company/individual) as necessary and implement measures under our control.
    If you need a unique commercial production, we assign commercial productions of the topic nowadays. If you need high impact copywriting, we also assign a famous copywriter from our network depending on your budget.

Features of Strategic Products Service menu


Video Production

Video has become more and more subdivided according to its purpose of use, and with the evolution of mobile environments such as smartphones, it has become a medium that consumers can always come into contact with.
In addition to multi-channel, various streaming services have emerged, and due to the evolution of equipment, HD quality is of course, and higher resolution is progressing to 4K and even 8K.
As senders and receivers become more personal from the masses, what is required is to quickly supply high-quality content that emphasizes the effect, depending on the purpose of use.
With the ability to plan and produce images by staff who understand the situation and strategy, we have realized to output the film material once shot, depending on the purpose, in a one-source and multi-use concept. One of the features of our video products is that we are able to provide all the video products needed for corporate activities with accumulated know-how while keeping the cost down.

  1. Video Production Menu

    Survey Analysis ・Group Interview shooting / analysis
    ・Products・Service prototype image video
    ・Prototype CGs
    Philosophy and business domain ・Corporate branding video
    ・Philosophy penetration video
    ・CSR Video
    Business Strategy ・Product brand branding video
    Marketing ・CM
    ・WEB Video
    ・Exhibition Video
    ・Campaign Video
    Management ・Recruitment Video
    ・IR Video
    Operation ・Guidance Video
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  1. Video Production Price

  1. 02

    Event Production

    In corporate activities, there are opportunities for various events such as shareholder meetings, year-end and year-end employee meetings, management strategy presentations, press releases, and exhibitions. It's often annoying that it's very stressful for a company employee to control all of these various events.
    We understand your company's strategy and can implement high-quality events in line with the necessary concepts. Event planning, venue selection, and venue construction, decoration, equipment preparation, production and guidance of visitors, stage and venue operation, script creation and production, and hosting / guest casting are all provided in-house. By implementing it, we are able to offer while meeting the most demanded requirements of these days, keeping costs and maintaining quality.

    1. Event Production Menu

      Survey analysis ・Street Survey
      ・Open Survey
      ・Group Interview
      Philosophy and business domain ・In-house presentations
      ・Corporate Party
      ・Management strategy presentation
      Business Strategy ・Branding presentation’
      Marketing ・Exhibition
      ・Press conference
      ・Giveaway event
      ・Campaign event
      Management ・General Meeting of shareholders ・Various in-house events
      Operation ・In-House briefing
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    1. 03

      WEBsite Production

      Websites are becoming increasingly important for corporate activities. For some generations, the site browsing environment has been subjected to a wave of changes, such as exceeding the share of browsing on smartphones by a majority. In the future, as technology advances more and more and more, there is a growing possibility that companies cannot achieve their desired goals simply by pursuing only design. In our company, while responding to specialized knowledge and technology, such as the management system and the database that is linked with the web site production and system construction to diversify, the first is what is the WEB site necessary for the company? It's a great way to get a sense of what's going on in the world.
      For example, if it is a corporate site, is it related to the purpose of the company, the content to be expressed, and the philosophy or mission? It is a great feature to meet a wide range of checkpoints, such as, to produce based on the concept that is the basis.
      We believe that an important WEBsite is an output that is based on such a strategy.

      1. WEBsite production menu

        Survey analysis ・WEBsite survey analysis ・Prototype A/B test site
        Philosophy and business domain ・Corporate site
        ・Branding site
        Business Strategy ・Products Branding site
        Marketing ・Products & Service site
        ・LP Page
        ・EC site
        ・Campaign site
        ・Site Operation
        ・SNS Design / Operation
        Management ・Recruitment site
        Operation ・Internal site dedicated to employees
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      1. 04

        Graphics Design Production

        There is a reason why graphic design has been considered as a product that becomes the face of Service and product so far as design. We believe that the graphic we provide is effective in a part beyond such a narrow sense of design as the basis of the production.
        In other words, it is the idea that it should be output in line with the corporate strategy in the graphic design field. The most obvious example of a strategy is C.I, but we believe that the strategy should be utilized and reflected even in the design of internal manuals that tend to be considered the most distant from the strategy. Based on how graphics function in the course of corporate activities, we believe that the first priority is to understand and provide strategies, and internal designers can provide consistent management through planning, production, and delivery.

        1. Graphics Design Production Menu

          Survey analysis ・User Analysis survey tool
          ・Products Prototype
          ・Prototype A/B Test
          Philosophy and business domain ・Company Brand Book
          ・Philosophy Book
          ・Company Brochure
          ・C.I Logo
          ・Various In-house Tools (Business Cards, Envelopes etc.)
          Business Strategy ・Business Brand Book
          ・Business Brochure
          ・B.I Logo
          Marketing ・Product Service Brochure
          ・Graphic Design Advertising (Poster / Newsletter / Magazine etc.)
          Management ・Company Newsletter
          ・IR Brochure
          ・Recruitment Brochure
          Operation ・Business Manual
          ・In-house Materials Design
        1. Graphics Design Production Achievements

        1. Graphics Design Production Price