Strategic Planning Service Achievements

Strategic planning service results

Those with a "▶" mark can view the strategy details.

● Strategy for expanding credit card transaction transaction volume of credit card company B ▶
● Project to penetrate the management philosophy of automobile manufacturer C company ▶
● Formulate the philosophy of toy manufacturer D and redefine business domain ▶
● Major software manufacturer E Product marketing strategy ▶
● Medium- to long-term management strategy formulation project for facility maintenance company F ▶
● Government G campaign/promotion ▶
● Cosmetics company branding strategy
● University business strategy A school business strategy
● Ad agency new business strategy Formulation
● Co-branding strategy of a major automobile manufacturer
Recruit strategy of an IT company
Company-wide management strategy formulation of a building material manufacturer
● Formulating a city sales plan for a certain city
● Clothing brand marketing strategy
● Home appliance market in-store marketing
● Medium-scale software Company's new product brand penetration strategy
● Sales strategy accompanying package renewal of health food manufacturer
● Branding strategy of real estate company
● Western restaurant marketing strategy and communication design
● Startup supplement manufacturer marketing strategy
● Hot bath facility management strategy and customer communication design
● Branding strategy of auto parts manufacturer
● Marketing strategy and CRM project of small sports facility
● Marketing marketing for local theme parks
● CS enhancement project for temporary staffing companies
● White goods electronics marketing strategy for medium-sized electrical equipment manufacturers
● Communication design for local beverage manufacturers

Strategic product service results


Video production

You can watch the video with the "▶" mark.

Survey analysis
●Misumi "tablet app prototype" video
●Misumi new catalog project "prototype" video
● Creation of a new tire manufacturer product CG
Philosophy/Business domain
● Lexus "CROSSING" CM/PV ▶
● Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. "Motorcycle brand" CM / PV ▶
● Signpost Co., Ltd. "Super Wonder Register" ▶
● The Essence of ECHO brand movie ▶
● Lexus "Amazing Run & Flight" 〜Yoshi Muroya × LEXUS LC〜」 PV ▶
● Naganoju Nori "Branding" CM
●Taya Co., Ltd. "TAYA New Year Ceremony PV"
●Mizuho Bank, Ltd. "Lottery General Advertisement" TV-CM 15 seconds
●Oki Electric Co., Ltd. OKI "100th Anniversary" Corporate History Video for the 100th Anniversary Event
● Ozma PR "Internal Project Presentation" Video
● au General Insurance Branding Video
● Tipness New Logo Branding Video
● Mitsubishi Estate "SMILES with Mitsubishi Estate" Branding Video
● NTT Communications event video
● NTT Communications Kanda Myojin "Kanda Festival archive" CSR video
● Sankyo Group branding video
● Seiko Co., Ltd. branding VP 15 seconds
● Mitsui Direct General Insurance Co., Ltd. MUJICOLOGY!
Business strategy
● Rakuten "Crimson House" PV ▶
● Rakuten Expo "HELLO WORLD" theme movie
● Sankyo Group branding video ▶
● Gurunavi here secretary room introduction video
● Muroya Yoshihide branding video ▶
● Tipness "in-store branding" video
● Stocks company Looop "Sorashea" Our business video
● Seiko optical products Co., Ltd. Product branding the video "mosaic Art" Hen
● Mitsui direct General insurance Co., Ltd. MUJICOLOGY! "Mujikoroji gymnastics" WEB video
● Japan insurance agency Association of BS business PR program "Tokumurakenta 4 minutes x 4 episodes
● au General Insurance Co., Ltd. Kega Insurance Bycle Educational Content Video
● au General Insurance Co., Ltd. Kega Insurance Bycle Introduction Video
● TRIENS life miscellaneous goods team soraca brand movie ▶
● Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. "Rordsport2" CM/PV
● Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. "Security Service" introduction video
● Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Agency for Natural Resources and Energy "ENEX" introduction video
● Keio Rugby Club Promotion Video ▶
●GourNavi "Adult Holiday Club" train channel
●Video of Teikyo University Sports Medical Science Center ▶
●Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. "WAKE" BS/CS commercial ▶
●Nintendo DS software "Derby Stallion GOLD" CM ▶
●Microsoft "Office "Introductory video of the store
●au non-life insurance company commercial "7 cities" 15 seconds
●Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. "HALO REACH" TV- CM 15 seconds
●NEXON "Hold the Three Kingdoms" ▶
●NEXON "Arad Senki"
●Stocks Company Game Freak "Solitary Horse"
●gloops "Sky Rock"
●KADOKAWA "Derby Stallion GOLD"
●Matsumoto Kiyoshi Company, store, sale, special sale CM 15 seconds each
●Sumitomo Real Estate Reform Co., Ltd. CM "Reform Renaissance" version 15 seconds
●Online game "Tokimeki Fantasy Later" CM 15 seconds
●Online game "Fantasy Earth Zero" CM 15 seconds
●Nexon Co., Ltd. "Counter Strike Online" CM 15 seconds
●xbox360 software "HALO REACH" CM 15 seconds
●SEGA TOYS "Zoobles!" CM 15 seconds
●Beauty salon EARTH company CM 15 seconds
●Yamato "Macross plastic model" CM 15 seconds
●At Net Home "TV and Internet with Cables!" CM 15 seconds
●THQ Nintendo Wii "Blob Colorful Kibo" CM 15 seconds
●TakaraTomy Nintendo DS "NARUTO -Naruto" series title CM 15 seconds
●TakaraTomy Nintendo Wii "NARUTO Fierce Fighting Ninja War Each series CM 15 seconds
●Takara Tomy Nintendo Wii "Life Game Wii" CM 15 seconds
●Takara Tomy PlayStation 2 "ZOIDS TACTICS" CM 15 seconds
●Takara Tomy PlayStation 2 "ZOIDS FULL METAL CRASH" CM 15 seconds
●Takara Tomy Nintendo DS "ZOIDS SAGA" CM 15 seconds
●TAKARATOMY Nintendo DS "Katekyo Hitman REBORN!DS" series title CM 15 seconds
●Vivendi Universal Nintendo DS "Crash Bandicoot Festival" CM 15 seconds
●AQI Nintendo DS "Blue Dragon Plus" CM 15 seconds
●Dentsu Nippon Derby Co., Ltd. Video production for promotion "AIR DERBY" PR
●Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Microsoft "Office" store introduction video
●New Balance Co., Ltd. Japan New Balance "MINIMUS" product VP
●Toyo Kitchen Style SABURO PV
●New Economic Federation New Economic Federation Summit opening attack video
●Sonnet Entertainment Co., Ltd. "hotaru" -san" WEB viral movie
●Japan Coca-Cola Co., Ltd. Coca-Cola "Bending Machine Red" WEB viral movie
●Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd. Hajikel Jackson (90 or more) WEB viral movie
●Japan L'Oreal "MAYBELLINE Pure Mineral Virtual Eraser Experiment LABO" WEB viral movie
●Fujitsu “Fujitsu PRIMAGY” WEB drama video x 4 episodes
●Wacom “VISTA” in-store introduction video
●Curel Co., Ltd. Kurell CM
●Taisho Pharmaceutical Reup CM
●Matsumotokiyoshi Sale CM
●Matsumotokiyoshi Special CM
●NTT Number Information Co., Ltd. "EcoPro 3D Theater" video
●Goodyear Co., Ltd. "Auto Salon Stage" video
●Tipness Kichijoji "Aurora Vision" video
●Honda Motor Co., Ltd. "CR-V" instruction video
●Honda Giken Co., Ltd. "CIVIC HyBrid" instruction Video
●Honda Motor Co., Ltd. "FREED" instructional video
●Honda Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. "STREAM" instructional video
●Choju Nori Co., Ltd. 2 minutes
●Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd. Snow Brand
Megmilk "Mainichi Bone Care MBP" 3 minutes
●App and supplement Takeno Riki
●Satoen Co., Ltd. Glucosamine green tea 5 minutes
●Mr. Sounori, Marumaru Collagen, 5 minutes
●Smile Japan Co., Ltd. Locomo Ace 3 minutes and 4 minutes “Flying Senior” Hen
●Smile Japan Co., Ltd. Locomo Ace 3 minutes and 4 minutes “Salmon Corps” Hen
●Kitamura Camera Kitamura TV shopping 29 minutes
●Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Nature Made Triple Flex 29 minutes
●Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Nature Made Multivitamin & Mineral 29 minutes
●Kagome Kagome Co., Ltd. Daily vegetables 4 minutes and 29 minutes
●Kagome Co., Ltd. Kagome whole soybean 29 minutes
●Fine Fine Power Co., Ltd. 29 minutes
●Beriserve Inc. "Recruit" drama video
●Beriserve Inc. "shareholders meeting" video
●Manual image for updating shoe maker product website


Event Production
Survey analysis
●Tokyo Metropolitan Government “Antenna Shop” street survey
●Survey of a certain health food consumer concept survey Sampling
Philosophy/Business domain
●Auto Service Show Sankyo Group Booth
●Tamuron Co., Ltd. CP+ Tamron Booth
●Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2016〜
●Yoshihide MUROYA Season
●Sankyo Group “Medium-term Management Plan Presentation”
●Japan Cornstarch Co., Ltd. “Cphi "Japan" granule cons unveiled
●Nagasato Nori "Management presentation"
Business strategy
●Red Bull Crash Ice Press Release Event
●Breitling Squad Press Release Event
●Cphi Japan Granule Cons Unveiling Booth
●Breitling Japan Co., Ltd. Club Breitling Members Salon
●Pathfinder Co., Ltd. Red Bull Air Race Chiba Send-off Party
●Sankyo Group Auto Service Show Sankyo Group Booth
●Produced by Breitling Jet Team “Japan Tour”
●au Damage Co., Ltd. “A・U・te” brand presentation
●Kanagawa “Kanasai Garden Opening Opening Event” establishment/operation
●Daikin “New Product” Set up and stage production
●Set up and run Asahi Kasei "Jingu Fireworks Festival Sponsor Event"
●Press conference for the launch of the National High School eSports Federation
●Press release for new Dunlop products
●Breitling Japan Squad Event
●Breitling DC-3 World Tour Event support in Japan
●Tokyo Tower Sagakeen Squid Lobby Kickoff Meeting
●Monster Strike Montage Strike Production
●Hakuhodo Co., Ltd./Ozma PR Tokyo Tower “Sagakeen Squid Lobby”
●Dentsu Inc. Dentsu Creative X Monster Strike “Montage Strike”
●Japan Goodyear Japan Auto Salon Japan Goodyear “MAHARAJA IN MAKUHARI” "Booth
●ALWAYS Event just before the release of the sunset on the third street of '64 Sky Lighting
●Operation of the 13th eco-products "Town Page Eco 3D Theater" booth
●Sumitomo Real Estate Reform TV
●CM production presentation session
●Pocari Sweat "Sky Message" campaign
●Namco "AOU" establishment・Operation
●Skylight promotion for movie "Koi Sora"
●Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. "Festival to meet wonderful words" Exhibition booth set up and operation
●Takara Tomy "TOKYO GAME SHOW" display booth set up and operation
●Showa "TOKYO MOTER SHOW" setup
●au Damage Co., Ltd. "TV-CM presentation"
●Starbucks "Starbucks Candy Latte Promotion" set up and operation
●Renault "RENAULT LUTECIA Launch Event"
●IEI Jump Festa "street" Campaign promotion”
●Establishment and operation of “Product PR awareness event” by Alcon Japan Co., Ltd.
●A certain health food important customer social gathering


WEB production
Survey analysis
●Microsoft “new product questionnaire” WEB survey form
●In-house “ideal penetration” WEB survey form
Philosophy/Business domain
● apan Securities Scholarship Foundation WEB site
●Le Angers WEB site
●FISE Hiroshima official website
●Teikyo University Sports Medical Science Center WEB site
●Rosette company site
●Sankyo Reel Co., Ltd. WEB Site
●Heart Recipe Website
●Linpres Co.,Ltd. Corporate Website
●Yamase Corporation Website
●Signpost Corporation Website
●Luna Sands Corporation Website
●Sankyo Group "Group" Website
●Sanmei Saint-Rapole Website
●Langs Japan Corporation Website
Business strategy
●Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd. TOUGHBiz Special Site
●Global Management College/Business School Websites
●Linkrea Corporate Website
●Saber Giken Co., Ltd.
●Website Central Institute for Experimental Animals "Laboratory Animal Institute" Central Research Institute site
●Hotel Maple Inn Makuhari Corporate Site
●Sankyo Group “Group Vision” Site
●Pathfinder Co., Ltd. “Team Muroya Official Site”
●Sanmei Co., Ltd. “Roman Forest Republic” Website
●Veranotte Corporate Website
●Sumitomo Real Estate Reform Company
●WebsiteKokushin Kaikan Tokyo Castle South Branch Official Website
●Rosette Co., Ltd. Online Shop
●YAMAHA World Technician Grand Prix Official Site
●Sagakeen Saga Prefecture × Splatoon Official Site
●Daihatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. “WAKE” Website
●Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism VISIT JAPAN Travel Mart
●Tanaka Education Group Individual by School Website
●TakaraTomy "Life Game Wii" Official Website
●University of Broadcasting "Branding" Website
●Sankyo Group Brand-Specific Products Website
●Japan Non-life Insurance Agency Association "Japan Agency Business Association BS Program" Website
●Shin-ei V “Enka Shoujo Sakura Maya” Official Website
●Bax Alta Hemophilia Patient Community Website
●Japan Heart Foundation “Heart-friendly Heart Recipe” Website
●Sankyo Reel soraca Brand Website
●Beriserve Co., Ltd. "Recruit" website
●Link rare "Recruit" website
●Sompo Japan Nipponkowa "JSA Core Association" member communication site
●Tokyu Corporation "Futakotamagawa Rise" Rise Tower Mansion communication site


Graphic production
Survey analysis
●Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd. "New Product Questionnaire" Tool
●IEI Street Promotion "Awareness Survey Questionnaire" Tool
●Japan Coca-Cola New Product Beverage Package Mock
●Certain Health Food Test Package Design
Philosophy/Business domain
●Club Michelin Business world
●Yoshihide Muroya Graphics
●LM corsa Racing Team Coloring
●Rosette Co., Ltd. Brand book/brand rules
●Linkrea Co., Ltd. Tools
●Teikyo University Sports Medical Science Center Brochure
●Sankyo Group “Philosophy Book” "Philosophy in-house poster"
●Sankyo Group business brand "AUSEN, COLZA" BI logo, logo manual
●Kahei Co., Ltd. "Company brochure"
●Kaizaka CI design
●Tokyu Corporation/Tokyu Fudosan "Real Estate Fair Hikarie Project" poster Production
●Premium Suiso Co., Ltd. "Corporate logo" production
●Zenoa cosmetics "Kakinoha tea drink can design"
Business strategy
●Central Institute for Experimental Animals in vivo
●Future of Experimental Medicine
●Red Bull Air Race Yoshi Muroya Comprehensive Design
●Seiwa Logitem Co., Ltd. "Matchbox" Brochure
●Sankyo Booth "AUSEN" Brand/Product Brochure
●NTT Number Information "Eco Products Booth" Business Introduction Poster
●Shinei V "Enka Girl Sakura Maya Character" Design
●GourNavi "GourNavi Along the Line" In-Car Poster
●GourNavi "Adult Holiday Club" Poster
●Government Promotion "Newspaper Advertising" Media Planning and Implementation
●Saga Prefectural Headquarters Crisis Management and Public Relations Section Sagakeen "Postcard & Poster"
●Small and Medium Business Administration " Consumption tax pass-through measures" poster production
●Amuse Inc., Japan Craft Foods Co., Ltd. Saitama Mano Rapper 3 tie-up poster
●Club Michelin "business world" magazine advertisement
●au General Insurance Inc. exhibition poster
●au General Insurance Inc. novelty production
●Sankyo reel "auto service show" exhibition posters, Inc., novelty, distribution tool production
●Japan cornstarch Co., Ltd. "Cphi Japan" booth in the graphic, distributed pamphlets production
●Janssen Pharmaceutical "hepatitis C lecture" announcement flyers and posters
●Sumitomo Real Estate Reform "Reform Renaissance" Transportation Advertisement Poster
●American Home Insurance "DM Booklet" Production
●Kahei Co., Ltd. Booth Graphic Production for Germany Exhibition
●Sign Post Recruit Pamphlet
●Saber Giken Co., Ltd. Business presentation materials
●Ozma PR in-house presentation material format


Movie (short film)
●Magical tour (Nice International Film Festival award)

Strategic solution service results

Philosophy/Business domain
●Seiwa Logitem Matching Site Business Management System Design/Construction
Business strategy
●Automotive equipment related manufacturer "CSM CockPiT" server implementation
●Government Tourism Agency "Production of matching program"
●EC sales company “Cart system effect verification, management operation”
●Breitling Japan Customer Management System
●Sugitaka Co., Ltd. “COLA” UI/UX design
●Insurance company “Home insurance” media buying
●Overseas business school “College student recruitment” WEB advertisement
●Mail order company “Health food” WEB advertisement
●Jewelry Brand "annual promotion" WEB advertisement design
●System company "WEB server development environment operation management"
●Biochemical company agent recruitment notification system operation management