Strategic Planning teams
Mid-career recruitment(2014〜)

I'm doing this kind of work!

My specialty is event production and WEB. There are many event productions in particular, and we often have meetings and venues every day, and while traveling or on a business trip, we enter the cafe to produce plan books and event manuals, so we rarely stay at the company. Is it only when I go to the office to pay the bill? (laughs)
You can work anywhere, anytime, and when you have a problem, the back office supports many things. So it’s very easy to work with. Speaking of events everyone knows, I am also in charge of operating the Red Bull Air Race Japan venue. When the time comes, I get very busy, so I am grateful to the company who gives me various support while allowing me to be free.

The flow of the day

8:00Getting up. Check your e-mail and reply at home before leaving home.

11:00Meeting about the event with staff at a cafe somewhere in Tokyo

12:00Depart for client meeting

13:00Meeting with clients

14:00After the end, go to Fukushima, a road trip destination.

16:00Arriving in Fukushima, this time meeting with local staff. It will be held from tomorrow morning and the final confirmation of the event rehearsal will be made. After finishing, go to the staff and meal. Even if you say the staff, it's been a long time, so it's a great time.

20:00Arrive at the hotel. I called my family, took a shower, and decided to go to bed early tomorrow, but the staff mentioned earlier invited me to drink. After that it is a secret.

In a word, what kind of company is Strategic Partners?

A company with a deep design To be
honest, what would a consulting company and an advertising company fuse at first? I was wondering. At the same time, I was just beginning to question the value of the work I did. However, when I actually joined the company, the various productions backed by the strategy were valued, and I was once again able to take pride as a producer.

A company recommended for such people!

It is recommended for those who came as a producer or creator and doubted, “Is it okay to continue this work, is it meaningful?” Because if you don’t have doubts, you don’t know the value of this company. And the answer should be in this company.