CMerTV is the latest Internet Ad “Video DSP service” that can deliver video commercials efficiently to a preset target audience with pinpoint and conditional settings. In internet advertising including the listing ad, by understanding the customer attributes from the user’s search history, etc., it has become possible to deliver a high target of considerable accuracy.
“Video DSP service” not only enables accurate target delivery by data mining of customer’s search history but also eliminates the risk of investment in the advertiser by adding the listing function. Compared to mass advertising, “video DSP services” can not only reliably reach the target, CPR (cost per rate: delivery cost per person) is good, and it is attracting attention as the next generation of advertising.

Application example

Use CMerTV to analyze users’ search history and deliver targeted ads. Video banners have a click rate of 130% compared to regular banners and can be expected to deliver ads more effectively.

If you use “cosmetic beauty liquid” to attract the search of your product, both your company and other companies will set up as a search word in the product name and product category, such as “cosmetic liquid”, and by posting a banner on the site of the delivery site (image), the target user will visit your site after watching the video. By increasing the number of visitors, sales will increase, and you can expect more effects by using high-affinity images on the WEB.


1A comprehensive agreement on music copyright fees

We have cleared the point such as the application of the delivery in advance which was an issue in the video advertisement, the confirmation of the medium which can be delivered, and the burden of the copyrighted work usage fee separately.

2Choosing the optimal creative

You can select and deliver the best creative according to the target audience’s ad contact count, WEB browsing history, and willingness to purchase.

3Video delivery on premium media

It can be delivered to the inventory of the paid medium that cannot be purchased by an ad network, RTB.

4Various targeting settings

It is possible to set the time zone of the 1-hour increments, the video delivery in a detailed specification in weather and temperature.

5Analysis using third-party delivery

Not only the last click, but also to qualify the contribution of the various inventory that led to the outcome point, and analyze as indirect effects (post impression).

6Voice default ON delivery

When the video ad is delivered in the state of “ON” the sound, the number of clicks, and the conversion increases, and the result is that the effect is up. CMerTV allows you to deliver video audio in the “ON” state by default.


1Type of 1-3 seconds

Items Video delivery fee(impressions)
Number of seconds 1-3 seconds
Price 2 yen
Note ・Automatic play (auto play) distribution.
・Media charges for the ad network are included.

※ Tax is excluding.
※ The ad delivery setting (tag setting) requires a separate setting fee of ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax).

2Type of 31 seconds

Items Video delivery fee(impressions)
Number of seconds 31 seconds or more
Price Negotiable
Note ・Depending on the medium and the ad network, there is a case where more than 31 seconds is NG.

※ Tax is excluding.
※ The ad delivery setting (tag setting) requires a separate setting fee of ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax).

Main function

File format: MP4
Video codec: H.264/AVC
Audio codec: MPEG4 AAC LC
Bit rate: up to 5Mbps
Angle 16:640×360 for 9, 4:3 for 480 × 360 or more
Frame rate: up to 30
※ We will send out the received MP4 data by resizing it to the delivery format.

1Thumbnail image

Size: 640 × 340
File format:jpg or png
※Please prepare 1 Picture per 1 movie.
※ Please prepare in horizontal image.In a vertical image, there is a possibility that the top and bottom are cut off.

2Other optional materials (alternative GIFs, images)

If you want to repurpose the thumbnail image is unnecessary.
Size if you want to set: 300 × 250
If you want to set the file format: jpg or png

3Traffic flow

※The schedule is approximate. The dates may change depending on the timing of the confirmation.
※With regard to the on-site examinations, after specifying a demo video/link destination, an on-site examination request is required for each media/media representative.

About inquiry / application

Please contact us after writing the product name from the form below.