It is an add-in tool for BTOB companies that enhances Google Analytics (GA)!
Based on the IP address, you will be able to check on the GA which companies are accessing.
Turn your WEB site into a “1 to 1 compliant WEB salesperson.”

You can grasp the accessing company from the GA simply by “tagging and setting GA” on the website. And we will realize a remarketing advertisement and LPO by company attribute.

Sales point

1Extracting the approach company list

2Creation of WEB improvement index utilizing corporate attributes

3Google AdWords Remarketing Ads by Company Attribute

4LPO by company attribute (Switching Landing page)


Initial Cost ¥10,000(+tax)
Monthly fee ¥9,000(+tax)
optional: Setting proxy fee ¥50,000(+tax)
※The First month is free, we charge from 2nd month.

About inquiry / application

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