A crawler (search engine robot) service that efficiently searches and lists company information. If SEO is a PULL-type marketing method, “Contact Maker” is PUSH-type marketing tools.
With “Contact Maker”, for example, you can do this:
・I would like to know the telephone number and URL of companies in the city of Nagoya, which is an advertising business and has more than 50 employees.
・I want to know the address and phone number of coffee shops in Shizuoka prefecture.


1Overwhelming time reduction

When I try to create a company list manually, I search on Yahoo! or Google… No matter how fast, it is about 50 in an hour. It takes 100 hours to list 5000 items.
If you use a “Contact Maker”, you can create a list of more than 5000 in an instant.

2Low Cost

If you request an outside company to create a list, it will cost about 15 yen per case even if it is cheap. This product is very reasonable at 4 yen per case.

3Very high accuracy

You can narrow down and search the information of 5 million companies nationwide, and all are updated with the latest information within one month.

4Extensive search function

From address, TEL, FAX, sales, number of employees, representative name, business content, we will merge as much information as possible and create an automatic list.


Initial Cost¥9,800
Monthly Cost¥19,800¥59,800¥99,800
Number of information5,00020,00050,000
Minimum contract term6 monthsN/AN/A

※ tax is not included

About inquiry / application

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