The WEB ads that currently make up the sales from the WEB are “affiliate” and “listing advertisement”, but the method of narrowing the search keywords and implementing the target DSP advertising is called “advertisement” in order to enclose new customers and CM, magazine, newspaper advertising, and other media.
In addition to regular WEB ads (listings) and targeted delivery-type ads, other keywords identified as search words, further measures to attract users who are likely to contract by narrowing the characteristics of the user are targeted delivery-type advertising (DSP).

You can deliver ads to your pre-set target audience by pinpointing the criteria settings. Not only does it enable accurate targeting by data mining of customers’ search histories, but it also eliminates the risk of investing in advertisers by adding a listing feature.

How DSP works

The DSP is a new ad delivery that properly deploys video and banner ads based on the “search keywords” extracted from the search behavior on the user’s internet. You can expect to reach more interested users (to be targeted and delivered) than Video banner ads targeted to an unspecified number of people, such as browsing videos and banners, attracting interest, and attracting the target user to the website.


1Reliable targeting

Do research on the keywords that the target will be searching for. Perform a survey on the target (multiple) and extract the “frequently entered search keywords”.
Extract high-prevalence keywords from answer results.
For example, if 40% of people responded that they had subscribed to “magazine A” as the target of a diet product, keyword advertising in “magazine A” can be delivered to 40% of the target.
We also investigate the overlap rate by regression analysis at the same time. For example, say that a well-typed search term is correlated with the keywords “magazine A” and “diet.” In this case, the overlapping rate is calculated, and the “total reached number” – “overlap rate” = “final reached number” can be predicted in advance. In addition, not only the optimal keyword setting but also the setting of the time zone in 1-hour increments, it is possible to specify the details such as weather and air temperature and can be delivered to the appropriate target.

2Simple and accurate effect measurement

In addition to the number of views, it is possible to measure detailed effects such as what keywords were seen and where the consumer left.

3Small risk

Because it is priced at the number of seconds seen, it can be said that it is less expensive and effective than text ads, such as listing ads, and the risk is small.


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