“fanp” is a service that allows you to increase the number of CVs by using the chatbot of LINE.

Unfortunately, more than 99% of users who have flowed into LPs will generally leave.
“fanp” guides users to LINE when they leave, and gains CV through the chatbot service experience.
In addition, the chatbot will send a personalized push notification based on the information heard by the user to realize high CVR.

Complete performance fee system and initial costs are free, so the introduction risk is low, and since the development and operation of chatbots are all performed by ZEALS, it does not take time for clients or agents.

Sales point

1Since the full performance fee system and initial cost are free, the introduction risk is very low.

2All the creation and operation of chatbots are done on the ZEALS side.

3The highest quality chatbot service in Japan.

As we can hear the needs of users and propose services and products through the chatbot service experience, we can achieve high CVR.
We have improved CVR about 7 times compared to LP.

4Analysis and analysis aimed at maximizing CVR based on over 150 million customer service data.


Initial Cost: Free
Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Estimate each time

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