Wall graph “Flower” focuses on the three axes of “attention, praise, and competition”, and uses gamification to automatically motivate employees and support their voluntary aspirations. It is a sales support tool that supports employees’ motivation and motivation to improve business performance by competing like a game. It’s a perfect tool for companies that want to focus on sales.

Application example

Since the results of in-house rivals are cloud-based, you can check them at any time and compete in real-time. If you improve your sales performance while enjoying the game, all employees will be able to move by themselves. Only that spiral will improve business performance.

Centrally manage internal sales performance and display real-time rankings of colorful images, monthly graphs, monthly trends, etc. In addition to confirming the situation in real-time, the top 10 people each month on the major board with a face photo are introduced like a major leaguer, and by motivating employees just like a game, the atmosphere and sales of the entire company are improved. All employees can work towards it.


Initial Fee ¥100,000
Monthly Fee ¥2,500/peson

※ Tax is not included.

Main function

・Manage sales results on the web / Share
・You can compete for results as if you were playing a game with the automatic distribution of breaking emails and graphs.
・Automatic analysis report
・Mobile support such as viewing reports and entering order data

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