Customer A spreads information about shops and events to his friend B on SNS.
After spreading to a predetermined number of people (expressed by the number of stars), Mr. A will receive a campaign privilege and can use it on the spot.

If Mr. B who knows the advantageous information tells Mr. C next, Mr. B will also receive benefits.

Mr. A who wants to use the privilege will be charged 500 yen once when visiting a store or a place.
Since it is a performance-based reward type that charges only when you visit a store or a place, no unnecessary costs are incurred.
If there is no initial fee or monthly fee and the contents of the deals are attractive, we will let you know freely.

Sales point

1Initial Fee and Monthly Fee is free. No running cost required.

2Used on SNS around the world. Available in over 100 languages such as in English, Chinese, Korean and so on.


When the customer comes to a store or a place and presses “Use coupon” on the smartphone “Star Coupon” application, 500 yen (tax included) will be charged. Initial fee and Monthly fee is free.

About inquiry / application

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