It is a mail-order specialized CRM system developed for the repeaters development of mail-order companies.
It is possible to “visualize” the customers of the shop, to plan the customer development program, and to automate the PDCA.
Maximize your LTV (customer lifetime value) by increasing the number of repeat visits, increasing the number of repeat visits, and increasing the cost per purchase.


1Customer Management Functions

It is possible to centrally manage all the customer information of the mail-order SHOP that is operated.
You can automatically and manually import customer information from the cart system, and segment a large amount of customer data based on purchase information (such as purchase amount, time of purchase, and products) for promotional activities. It is possible to further classify customers by using the customer attribute group that can be registered freely. You can also download customer segment results and use them for more advanced customer analysis.

2Aggregation / Analysis Functions

You can manage the repeat sales status of all mail order SHOP operated.
“New Sales” and “repeat sales” display the sales of the overall mail-order SHOP.
You can always be aware of the repeat purchase status of customers and repeat rate/sales per product. In addition, Mall data such as Rakuten and Amazon, as well as the Head Office (own shop) can also be imported.
In addition, in the RFM analysis, after grouping the customers with 3 indicators of Recency (purchase date) Frequency (purchase frequency) Monetary (purchase amount), it is possible to know the promotion nature and characteristics of each segment, and customer analysis to enhance the effect. By conducting mail promotion and DM promotion from the analysis results, we will lead to more O2O marketing success.

3Mail sending function

Since you can instantly connect to the e-mail promotion from the customer analysis results, automatic e-mail delivery settings such as birthday e-mail delivery and e-mail delivery completion, of course, you can set e-mail delivery automatically to the result of the customer segment, such as the purchase amount of the customer, the purchased product, purchase time, etc. Prevent customer churn and prevent brand change from other stores.
In addition, by saving the terminal (feature phone/PC/smartphone) that the customer has viewed the mail, it will automatically determine the mail creative with a high effect and deliver it.
After delivering your email, you can validate your data, such as the click rate and open rate, to increase the accuracy of your email marketing.

4Shopping cart system integration

It can be introduced immediately by linking data such as the shopping cart system and the core system currently in operation, shopping mall (such as Rakuten and Yahoo Shopping) data, etc.
In the cart system that can Data automatic cooperation, it is possible to capture and analyze customer data/purchase data/product data without the hassle of CSV file customization and import processing. Please consult us also on an introduction to the overseas shopping cart system and original development system.


Initial Cost ¥50,000 (+tax)
Monthly Cost ¥10,000〜 (+tax)
* Pay-as-you-go service depending on the number of valid email addresses

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