Most home page owners tend to be overwhelmed by the ranking of two to three keywords on the main TOP pages such as the index keywords “system development” or “Shibuya ramen”.
The truth is, there are so many inflowing words from the search engine of your page.
Do you know that you’re taking 1st and 2nd place in unexpected words?

Keywords that are ranked 1st or 2nd in such niches are very important for search engine measures.
It is important to understand such information and connect it properly to search engine measures.

With “Marunage Web Consulting Pack”, we thoroughly consult the search engine measures, the current health condition of your homepage, the superiority and inferiority, etc. according to the number of your homepage!

Sales point

1Marunage! (Count on!)

We will provide consulting in partnership with an SEO specialized company. It’s perfect when you can’t improve it by using SEO tools.

2It is cheap when converted to 1kw.

It will be offered from the selling price of ¥800,000, but if you convert it to 1 kw, it will be ¥4400/month ~ actually quite cheap!

3Know-how can be accumulated in-house.

After the contract period, SEO know-how will be accumulated in your company.


Target 1 domain 1 site.
Initial survey and 6-month report submission.
※ Fees can be negotiated according to the number of pages in one domain and one site.

Less than 30 pages:¥800,000 (+tax)
Less than 50 pages:¥960,000 (+tax)
Less than 100 pages:¥1,120,000 (+tax)
Less than 300 pages:¥1,280,000 (+tax)

Less than 500 pages:¥1,440,000 (+tax)
Less than 1,000 pages:¥1,600,000 (+tax)
Less than 5,000 pages:¥1,760,000 (+tax)
Less than 10,000 pages:¥1,920,000 (+tax)

※ Estimate option fee.

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