The corona shock that occurred at the beginning of fiscal 2020 has changed social norms and has a significant impact on the business environment.
As a result of considering how to support domestic companies, we think that it is important to “review our own resources” and “expand customers” as one of the methods.

Specifically, the resources of Japanese companies are products and services with a Japanese touch, and customers are overseas.
In Europe and America these days, a boom of Japanese food has occurred, and sushi, ramen, and sake are popular.
Another reason is that they like the “food that can be enjoyed with the eyes,” which is a characteristic of Japanese food.
The creative Japanese food created by the dexterity of the Japanese hands is also popular.
In terms of culture, traditional culture, the spirit of “hospitality”, subculture (TV/movie) anime, manga, J-POP, and even maid cafes are recognized as Japanese culture.
However, Japan still has many good products and services that can be proud of to the world.
By all means, why not send your company’s products overseas!
We will help you.

Sales point

From test marketing to branchless operation, branch attraction, and analysis support, Strategic Partners has developed it as an original overseas expansion support solution. By turning PDCA, we will lead to the achievement of corporate overseas attraction, branding and promotion, and achievement of sales promotion KGI.

1Test marketing for overseas expansion

When thinking about whether your company’s products and services can be used overseas, it is generally a good idea to set up overseas bases and send in employees.
However, we often hear that the initial investment was so costly that the product/service withdrew without being accepted locally.
At our company, we will establish a relationship between the head office and the subsidiary branch, and perform test marketing at a low cost to see if your company’s products and services are accepted locally.

2Branchless operation support

We support branchless operations such as local distribution negotiations, sales promotion support of stores, advertising activities, website operation, etc.
By shipping products and services from Japan, we enable a wide range of sales.

3Branch invitation support

On the other hand, depending on the good results of test marketing, the need for a branch may emerge. In that case, we will provide all support regarding branch installation, such as local subsidiary installation support, office search, back office operation, etc.

4Analysis/report creation

From test marketing to branchless operation, not only sales management, but also our own DMP tools such as advertisement attribution analysis and distribution voice provide feedback on the implementation timely.


1Nanbu Bijin Co., Ltd.

Outline of implementation: Booth exhibition and product promotion at sake events
Measures: Sales to restaurants, planning and implementation of sales promotion events at stores
Report: Event Exhibit Report / Monthly Report Creation

2Hiro Sake LLC

Outline of implementation: Booth exhibition and product promotion at sake events
Specific measures: Event tie-up, sales to restaurants, sales event planning and implementation at stores
Report: Event Exhibit Report / Monthly Report Creation

3JFOODO Japanese Craft Beer US Promotion

Implementation outline: Expansion of new handling stores
Specific measures: Promotion campaigns will be conducted at existing stores
Report: Campaign implementation report creation


Personnel expensesMeeting Fee: Chief Strategist (ST)¥65,000/dayWithin 8 hours
Meeting Fee: Strategic Planner (SP)¥35,000/dayWithin 8 hours
Planning feePlanning strategy document creation cost¥35,000/day
OtherTest marketing costs¥150,000〜/MonthVaries depending on the content
SNS account creation agency¥10,000/account
SNS operation agency¥5,000〜/MonthVaries depending on the content
SNS analysis (report creation)Varies depending on the content

*15% of our production fee will be added to the above cost.
*Consumption tax will be added separately.

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