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The COVID-19 pandemic that occurred at the beginning of fiscal 2020 has had a major impact on corporate marketing activities as well as economic activities.
The corporate policy briefing session, which involves human attraction, and the press presentation session, which is a venue for product announcements, were canceled one after another. These event activities are indispensable for corporate management activities and marketing activities, and self-restraint of these events threatens corporate activities themselves.
Therefore, in order to solve this problem, Strategic Partners has improved the “Strategic Partners online video distribution service,” which existed as a new management activity support tool, to a service that is suitable for this era. Let’s turn the crisis into an opportunity without stopping corporate management with “Strategic Partners online video distribution service”.

Application example活用例

The usage of “Strategic Partners Online Video Distribution Service” is mainly for corporate (internal and external) activity announcements (Policy Briefing meeting, Products Presentation, Press Release, etc.).


Feature 1Choose from various tools for solution design

Strategic Partners offers a wide range of tools such as camera selection, switching, recording, and selection of distribution software. This addresses the needs and costs of any company.

Feature 2Design a video distribution solution that can change according to cost

Today’s video distribution is an era where even one smartphone can be used if it is easy to do. However, “Strategic Partners Online Video Distribution Service” designs video distribution solutions tailored to companies according to cost and company needs. From hearings to proposals, implementation, and budget management, we offer complete customization.

Feature 3Various support unique to Strategic Partners

The product services of Strategic Partners own many strengths such as video production, event production, etc. that online video distribution service companies do not have. From the production of the product, description video to be inserted into the online video distribution and the production of the concept video expressing the management vision, the production of PowerPoint, the selection of the distribution venue, the decoration of the venue, the management of the distribution progress, the production, and the data management at the time of distribution. We enable various support such as analysis.


● Nippon Life Tokyo 2020 Olympic Volleyball Online Event
● LEXUS / PATH FINDER AIR RACING announcement online event
● General Incorporated Association World Skate Japan Skateboard Japan National Team Candidate Press Conference
● Go Find YOKOHAMA Press Release
● Press conference of new project & new housing of gaming PC “GALLERIA”
● YDC event online delivery
● NASEF JAPAN International Esports Education Summit


Single Service: ¥150,000 (1 Camera, 1 Camera Operator, Director/Switching operator dual post, Simple Sound & Lighting, Switching equipment, Delivery settings)

Double Service: ¥300,000 (2 Cameras, 2 Camera Operators, Director/Switching operator dual post, Simple Sound & Lighting, Switching equipment, Delivery settings)

Other Customization: Estimate each time
※ Tax is not included.

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