“Smartphone (Mobile) Pigeon” is a mobile promotional tool compatible with future phones and smartphones. The introduction of mobile sites that also serve as customer management, the acquisition of the customer’s email address, the customer management system by the e-mail address until now has not been able to operate well in the store, promotional activities such as the creation of a smartphone-only site and mail delivery can be carried out cheaply and easily.
“Site construction (feature phone/smartphone correspondence)”, “mail delivery”, “customer management” the minimum necessary functions are available from 5,250 yen per month, you can start the mobile sales promotion easily.
It is a simple operation based on a template, so you can operate with a blog feeling even if you do not have expertise.
In addition, it is possible to timely disseminate timely information because it can be updated and delivered even from a smartphone, mobile phone.
In addition, you can create a smartphone dedicated site and a mobile site at the same time. In addition to the basic plan, there is also a touchpoint function using the FeliCa reader.

Since the coupon can be acquired the number of usage limit and usage status by using the Pro function, it is possible to change the correspondence by the customer by grasping the number of customers with a small number of visits and customers with an active number of visits and coupons, on the contrary, it is possible to find sales such as training of royal customers.

Application example

By using “Smartphone Pigeon” to build a site for smartphone users who are currently expanding their share, and by implementing a site that supports both feature phones and mobile phones, we are able to carry out promotional activities on mobile phones at low cost.

By constructing a mobile site that also serves as customer management and collecting customer visit information, it will be possible to carry out sales promotion by delivering an e-mail newsletter to encourage customers on Friday and issuing coupons.


1Immediate effect

E-mails can be delivered at appropriate times such as time sale information. Information can be transmitted quickly because it reaches the mobile phone you usually carry.

2Unlimited number of mail delivery

There is no limit to the number of emails delivered each month. You can send a lot of information without worrying about the number of distributions.

3Simple operability

Operations such as site construction and mail delivery are operated on the template management screen. Unlike PC site construction, even people without specialized knowledge can operate it.

4Target attracting power

E-mail can be delivered to the customer’s personal mobile phone. It is possible to provide services that meet the needs of customers by narrowing down distribution by attribute.

5Low cost

It is a low cost than paper DM, which requires printing and mailing costs.


1Smartphone Pigeon

Initial Cost¥10,000
Monthly Cost¥5,000¥15,000¥30,000
Number of members available500 people3,000 people10,000 people
Number of deliveriesUnlimited
Number of pages20 pages100 pages100 pages

※ tax is not included

2Smartphone Pigeon + Email delivery Pro

Initial Cost¥30,000
Monthly Cost¥15,000¥25,000¥40,000
Number of members available500 people3,000 people10,000 people
Number of deliveriesUnlimited
Number of pages20 pages100 pages100 pages

※ tax is not included


Initial Cost¥40,000
Monthly Cost¥25,000¥35,000¥50,000
Number of members available500 people3,000 people10,000 people
Number of deliveriesUnlimited
Number of pages20 pages100 pages100 pages

※Felica terminal:¥36,000/terminal
※Tax is not included

Main function

1Basic Function

・Site construction (Future Phone / Smartphone Compatibility)
・Email Delivery Function
・Customer management function (Optional)

2Email delivery Pro

It is possible to limit the number of uses and analyze users, which was difficult with conventional coupons that only show the screen.
・It is possible to set the number of times the coupon is used.
・It is possible to grasp the usage status of coupons. ⇒ Capable of understanding cost-effectiveness
・By sending individual emails to users, it will lead to the training of loyal customers.

3Touchpoint (Optional)

“Touchpoint” is a sales promotion service that can easily issue store visit points by holding it over the Felica leader at the store and aiming for repeat guidance. Touchpoint is a mechanism that allows you to check the point of visit using a conventional stamp card using your mobile phone.
In addition, it is possible to promote effective store visits by delivering e-mails according to the store visit situation. Felica terminals can also be rented.

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