A performance-based SEO service.
We aim to rank higher in the search ranking by installing a minimum number of powerful external links.
It is a service that will be charged for the first time when it is displayed in 1st to 10th place.

Regarding a ranking acquisition, we will provide a unique management screen.
You can easily check the flow until billing.

Sales point

1Building a very high-quality satellite site

2Approximately 40,000 media owned more than 3,000 IP servers, more than 60 writers

375% of keywords are within 10th position

4Complete achievement reward type

If it is not displayed within the 10th place, no costs will be incurred.


Initial fee (Contract fee・Monthly fee):Free
Cost (Maximum billing amount):Estimate each time (about 2 business days)
The minimum contract period is 6 months after the start of billing.
After the minimum usage period, it is a renewal contract every 6 months.
※ To cancel the contract halfway, you have to pay the maximum billing amount for 2 months.

About inquiry / application

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