A service that creates WEB book data and optimized PDF files that allow you to comfortably browse paper page data on a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Sales point

1Simple and easy operation

It can be used by many users because it can be operated as if it were digital, but with an analog feel.
Smart Catalog is a viewer designed with the user’s operability in mind.
Even a wide range of users, from children to the elderly, can browse as if they were holding it.

2Expand opportunities with the sharing feature.

A sharing function that opens up opportunities for many people to see!
You can share not only the designated page but also designated places with your friends on Facebook/twitter.
You can also get it to more people by distributing it in the e-mail magazine.

3Supports browser-based multi-device

Users can browse the optimal digital catalog for their devices without even realizing it.


◯Basic Setting fee
¥10,000/book (+tax)

◯Page Production fee (Flash ver. + Js ver. + PDF)
¥2,000/page (+tax)
※Zoom Up:Flash (200%/400%) / Javascript ver. (400%)
※Spread will be 2 pages
※Page Layout (Original Design) is not included

◯Setting up Links (Flash ver. + Js ver. + PDF)
¥450/link (+tax)

◯Table of Contents Setting
¥450/content (+tax)

※Flash ver. is for PC ※Js ver. is for smartphone.

About inquiry / application

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