Did you know that typically 7 out of 10 people in the input form have suspended membership registrations and material requests? I’m feeling frustrated on the form and I’ve been interrupted. The introduction of URICHAN EFO will increase the success rate of forms by 130%. (200%-300% cases also)


Entry Form Optimization is Entry Form Optimization.
It is a mechanism that assists input in order to reduce the user’s input work in the entry form with a high withdrawal rate.
If you enter the kanji of the name, the reading will be automatically entered, or if you enter the zip code, the address will be instantly entered. Generally, a mechanism such as displaying a message to display is given.


1Just add a simple tag and you're ready to go

Our support team will follow you even for complex forms.

2Can be customized upon request

Customization of tracking function and management screen, server installation are also available.

3Cooperation such as withdrawal prevention and customer tracking is possible

4You can verify the effect on the management screen


Monthly 30,000 yen ~
Please contact us for details.

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