COMPANY Q&A会社についてよくある質問

What kind of company is Strategic Partners? Please tell us about your business.
We are a new type of company that "provides comprehensive service from strategy planning to execution”.

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Company profile
Please tell us the founding time and history.
Established in December 2012.
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Company profile

SERVICE Q&Aサービスについてよくある質問

What is strategic planning? What are the benefits of ordering?
Based on strategic planning, our strategic planning service is to organically connect products and design and implement strategies that maximize effectiveness.

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Can you collaborate with the production company specified here to run the project?
Yes. It is possible.

Ordering / Transaction Q&A発注・取引についてよくある質問

I haven't decided whether to place an order, but how far can I consult?
Even if you do not decide whether to place an order, we will be happy to discuss it with you.
The range that can be handled free of charge depends on the project. Please contact us for details.
I'm worried about signing a fixed-term contract
As a trial, we propose a fixed-term contract of at least 3 months.
You can try it for a short period of time and decide whether to continue your fixed-term contract.
I have a limited budget, can I consult with you?
Yes. It is possible.
Think of a plan within your budget.

RECRUIT Q&A採用についてよくある質問

Where are the recruitment briefings and interviews held?
They are usually done at the Shinagawa headquarters.
We may also hold recruitment briefings and interviews online.
Can you be assigned to the desired assignment?
Basically, you will be assigned to the desired location.
However, you may also do work outside of your profession.
Does this company carry out telework?
We carry out telework.