The digital round of AIR RACE X will be held for the first time in Shibuya!

AIR RACE X(エアレース エックス)のデジタルラウンドが渋谷で初開催決定!

The F1 of the skies, air racing, is finally back!AIR RACE X - SHIBUYA DIGITAL ROUND

Digital Round Final Tournament on 15 October (Sun) in Shibuya
The world’s first air race to be watched in AR (Augmented Reality).

Within the Metaverse Japan Summit 2023 on Thursday 13 July,
It was announced that the Digital Round of AIR RACE X, of which we are a member of the organising committee, will be held in Shibuya for the first time.

For more information, please see below.

▼Official website: Air Race, the F1 of the sky, is finally back! AIR RACE X – SHIBUYA DIGITAL ROUND

Scenes from the day of the press conference (archive)

Video introducing the overview, rules and how to watch this year's tournament