Nice to meet you, my name is Ashita Ashita from Strategic Partners. Thank you for visiting our website and considering your employment.
We have created this message for new graduate hires and mid-career hires in order to convey our thoughts to all those who are considering employment. If you are interested in finding a job below, please read this.

1. Everyone who is considering hiring a new graduate

I think everyone is in the middle of job hunting. When choosing a company, you will probably consider various factors such as name recognition, stability, social contribution, and treatment. We are very pleased to have found us among the countless companies. And I would be very happy if you could work for us.
However, I think it would be unfortunate for the company and the new employees to retire later, unlike their own wishes and image. So, here, I would like to honestly state our good and bad points.


As a student, the true background of the industry will never be heard by your teacher. Still, you may want to be a creator, or you may want to be a consultant. If you want to do such a job, there are a wide variety of industries such as consulting companies, advertising agencies, and production companies. But we do not belong to any of them. By looking closely at the issues and problems of these companies, I have long sought the ideal partner company for client companies. It means that management strategy and advertisement production (product production) must be integrated. It’s very difficult to integrate this.
Strategic Partners was established to solve this issue.


As a result, no one is doing business in my company, and much less the chance for students to know the existence and value of this business.
But we started.
Our client companies are also aware of the wonderfulness of this business format. I am convinced that if this business format goes into full-scale operation, the value of existence of other partner companies will probably be lost, and that the business format including our company will grow significantly.
In that sense, we are still a venture company.
Apple was founded in the garage and aimed to beat IBM.
We are not a garage, but we are striving every day to create a company that really benefits society .
From the above, it is a fact that our company is not known and is a small company.
If you want a name recognition and a sense of security, we should stop it.
But the good
thing about ventures is that they have a growing process and share their stories.


And once again, please visit our website.
Whether this company will grow or not.
Thank you for your consideration.

2. Mid-career hires

I have been in the advertising industry for almost 20 years. I expanded the comprehensive range from a TV director to a commercial producer to an advertising producer.
In recent years, due to the rise of WEB and SNS, etc., and changes in consumer sentiment, the overall advertising business centered on mass advertising such as TV commercials has been sluggish. Since my own company was also an advertising business, I felt a sense of crisis and was looking for the future of my company. We conducted interviews with customers to find out the needs of companies. So it became clear what companies were looking for now.


The consultant presents the corporate strategy, but does not take care of the tactics.
Creators create what they want.
A company that just wants to sell ads.
Just a suggestion to sell marketing tools…


Many executives lamented that there were many such partner companies.
Then, I wonder if there is a company that covers from strategy proposals to tactics, and considers costs and plans that can be expected to be effective.


So I went back to my title.
In the first place, I was a creator-minded person, and for whom was the job originally supposed to be done?


that in mind, I realized now that , for example, when creating commercials and events, it is possible to solve the problems in line with the business strategy of the customer .


So I sought a new business format for a partner company.
We can be close to companies, propose strategies, and support execution.
What I thought about again was the existence of an old “military officer (strategist).”
Speaking of “military masters”, the various kingdoms of the three kingdoms, Akira Zougetsu and Kansuke Yamamoto, a warlord during the Warring States period, are famous.
The lord proposes various strategies.


Yes, I wonder if a “strategy” is needed in this era.


Similar consultants include management consultants.
We do strategy formulation and support, but generally we do not support tactics.


All companies have very high strategic literacy and do not accept advice only.
In reality, we need to seriously think and implement strategies and tactics with companies.


Come to think of it, there is no professional definition of “strategy” in modern society.
If not, it is my idea to train them in-house.
By developing a new framework and convening people from consulting companies and advertising agencies, we were able to create a new company.


If you are looking for a job offer, you may be from an agency, production, etc., or a graduate of a vocational school such as video or WEB, or you may want to study them.
What did you study or experience for?
Most of the work was supposed to support corporate activities, not just art works.


“Strategy” is “combative martial arts” if it says in martial arts.
People from boxing, judo, etc. take advantage of their strengths to compete in any field.


I would like “strategists” to support the strategies of companies by making the most of the strengths of video and WEB that everyone has experienced.


Since we have embarked on a business format that has never existed before, we can say that it is a venture company.
Everyone who wants to join a large company may be able to obtain stability, name recognition, and favorable treatment.
It’s also safe to start worrying about venture companies.
However, I think that venture companies have a great future.
I have the joy of creating that “future” together.


The job of a “strategist” like never before.
Let’s make it with us!


Hiroshi Ashida, President, Strategic Partners Co., Ltd.