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In implementing the corporate strategy, various solutions are required as the technology evolves. This is a corporate activity support system that naturally involves media buying such as TV commercials and newspaper advertisements, as well as the design of WEB advertisements or the “in-house IT” process advocated by IT companies.
It is subdivided into management, manufacturing, distribution, sales, etc., and those specialized in industries such as the financial industry and retail industry have appeared, and every system is customized for each company or built from scratch. Even if you can achieve it while keeping your budget low, it cannot be denied that it is an investment that affects the management of companies that cannot afford it. In IT solutions, various tool services that can be used on the Internet such as the cloud are emerging.
In such a situation, we position it as important to select the media that we really need, the selection of advertising strategy tools and IT support from a holistic perspective that considers overall optimization for corporate activities, and as a strategic solution service, It is provided to companies.


1.Research on the latest strategic tools, strategic media, and IT-based on “6e”

Based on 6e, we constantly research the optimal and latest strategic tools and strategic media in the areas necessary for corporate activities, actually use and verify them in-house to provide solutions.
We are also verifying the effects by feeding back the research in the Strategic Lab, avoiding the harmful effects of “tool introduction” as the purpose, and enabling the provision of a true solution.

2.Providing system support in consideration of the cooperation required for corporate activities

Up to now, the systems that have been introduced in corporate activities are often difficult to collaborate between systems, for example, a customer management system is limited to use for customer management only. Development time and budget were also needed.
System construction in consideration of such cooperation is becoming feasible even by combining services, and we can provide system construction and support that can realize useful cooperation in corporate activities.

3.Realized consistent support from selection, introduction, and construction to operation

Data analysis and information interpretation can be extremely difficult to operate after implementation, considering the resources of employees.
For efficient corporate activities, we not only provide selective introduction and construction but also provide consistent support including operations.

Features of Strategic Solution Service menuサービスメニュー

01Solution Service

IT System Construction

  • Development of Various IT Systems
  • Customize of Various Packages
  • Development of WEB Applications
  • It tools Deployment Support
  • Customer Service Management (CRM) System Construction
  • Establishment of Sales Support System
  • Construction a Social Media Analytics System
  • Construction an Attribution Analysis System
  • Construction of the Human Resource Management System
  • Construction of DMP (Data Management Plat-home)

Media Planning

Mass Advertising ・Television Commercial
・Radio Commercial
・Newspaper Advertisement
・Magazine Advertisement
OOH (Out Of Home) ・OOH Signage Vision
・Transportation Advertising
・Internal Vision
・Station Vision
WEB Advertising ・Listing Advertisement
・Affiliate Advertisement
・DSP (Demand-Side Platform) Advertisement
・Social Media Advertisement

Various Tools

Environmental Survey・Analysis ・GA Company Checker
Strategic Design