Graphic production

【一覧】グラフィック制作 実績

Graphic production

Survey analysis

  • Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd. “New Product Questionnaire” Tool
  • IEI Street Promotion “Awareness Survey Questionnaire” Tool
  • Japan Coca-Cola New Product Beverage Package Mock
  • Certain Health Food Test Package Design

Philosophy/Business domain

  • Club Michelin Business world
  • Yoshihide Muroya Graphics
  • LM corsa Racing Team Coloring
  • Rosette Co., Ltd. Brand book/brand rules
  • Linkrea Co., Ltd. Tools
  • Teikyo University Sports Medical Science Center Brochure
  • Sankyo Group “Philosophy Book” “Philosophy in-house poster”
  • Sankyo Group business brand “AUSEN, COLZA” BI logo, logo manual
  • Kahei Co., Ltd. “Company brochure”
  • Kaizaka CI design
  • Tokyu Corporation/Tokyu Fudosan “Real Estate Fair Hikarie Project” poster Production
  • Premium Suiso Co., Ltd. “Corporate logo” production
  • Zenoa cosmetics “Kakinoha tea drink can design”

Business strategy

  • Central Institute for Experimental Animals in vivo
  • Future of Experimental Medicine
  • Red Bull Air Race Yoshi Muroya Comprehensive Design
  • Seiwa Logitem Co., Ltd. “Matchbox” Brochure
  • Sankyo Booth “AUSEN” Brand/Product Brochure
  • NTT Number Information “Eco Products Booth” Business Introduction Poster
  • Shinei V “Enka Girl Sakura Maya Character” Design


  • GourNavi “GourNavi Along the Line” In-Car Poster
  • GourNavi “Adult Holiday Club” Poster
  • Government Promotion “Newspaper Advertising” Media Planning and Implementation
  • Saga Prefectural Headquarters Crisis Management and Public Relations Section Sagakeen “Postcard & Poster”
  • Small and Medium Business Administration ” Consumption tax pass-through measures” poster production
  • Amuse Inc., Japan Craft Foods Co., Ltd. Saitama Mano Rapper 3 tie-up poster
  • Club Michelin “business world” magazine advertisement
  • au General Insurance Inc. exhibition poster
  • au General Insurance Inc. novelty production
  • Sankyo reel “auto service show” exhibition posters, Inc., novelty, distribution tool production
  • Japan cornstarch Co., Ltd. “Cphi Japan” booth in the graphic, distributed pamphlets production
  • Janssen Pharmaceutical “hepatitis C lecture” announcement flyers and posters
  • Sumitomo Real Estate Reform “Reform Renaissance” Transportation Advertisement Poster
  • American Home Insurance “DM Booklet” Production
  • Kahei Co., Ltd. Booth Graphic Production for Germany Exhibition


  • Sign Post Recruit Pamphlet
  • Saber Giken Co., Ltd. Business presentation materials
  • Ozma PR in-house presentation material format