Cleverly Home Communication Strategy

クレバリーホーム コミュニケーション戦略

Develop new brand communication using branded movies


A house maker headquartered in Chiba Prefecture. There was a request for a TV commercial, and we proposed the production of a branded movie in parallel with the TV commercial.  After repeated interviews with the client, he said that he wanted to respect the idea of building a house using tiles as the main material, so we decided to create a branded movie on the theme of a tile house. Even though it is a branded movie, the production staff employs movie staff, and the famous actor Eiji Okuda is appointed as the main character. This branded movie is positioned as a short film.  The production cost of the commercial was reduced by using this film material. The TV commercial is designed to attract people to the Cleverly Home website, with a structure that attracts movies and appeals to products. In addition, by viewing free movies on the site, Clever Home will promote the “home building concept” that Clever Home wants to convey and foster a favorable impression.

Client: Cleverly Home Co., Ltd.

Agency: Nihon Keizai Advertising Co., Ltd.