Event Production

【一覧】イベント制作 実績

Event Production

Survey analysis

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government “Antenna Shop” street survey
  • Survey of a certain health food consumer concept survey Sampling

Philosophy/Business domain

  • Nippon Seimei Tokyo 2020 Olympic Volleyball Online Event
  • NASEF JAPAN eSports Education Summit
  • Auto Service Show Sankyo Group Booth
  • Tamuron Co., Ltd. CP+ Tamron Booth
  • Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2016〜
  • Yoshihide MUROYA Season
  • Sankyo Group “Medium-term Management Plan Presentation”
  • Japan Cornstarch Co., Ltd. “Cphi “Japan” granule cons unveiled
  • Nagasato Nori “Management presentation”

Business strategy

  • 1st Tokyo Bayside Two Day March event production/li>
  • Press release for World Skate Japan Olympic
  • Go Find YOKOHAMA Press Release Event
  • YDC event online delivery
  • NASEF JAPAN International esports Education Summit
  • Press conference for the launch of the National High School eSports Federation
  • Red Bull Crash Ice Press Release Event
  • Breitling Squad Press Release Event
  • Cphi Japan Granule Cons Unveiling Booth
  • Breitling Japan Co., Ltd. Club Breitling Members Salon
  • Pathfinder Co., Ltd. Red Bull Air Race Chiba Send-off Party
  • Sankyo Group Auto Service Show Sankyo Group Booth
  • Produced by Breitling Jet Team “Japan Tour”
  • au Damage Co., Ltd. “A・U・te” brand presentation
  • Kanagawa “Kanasai Garden Opening Opening Event” establishment/operation
  • Daikin “New Product” Set up and stage production
  • Set up and run Asahi Kasei “Jingu Fireworks Festival Sponsor Event”


  • Cleverly Home preview
  • International Garden & Outdoor EXPO Sankyo Reel Booth
  • Press release for new GALLERIA products
  • Press release for new raytrek Tab products
  • Press release for new Dunlop products
  • Breitling Japan Squad Event
  • Breitling DC-3 World Tour Event support in Japan
  • Tokyo Tower Sagakeen Squid Lobby Kickoff Meeting
  • Monster Strike Montage Strike Production
  • Hakuhodo Co., Ltd./Ozma PR Tokyo Tower “Sagakeen Squid Lobby”
  • Dentsu Inc. Dentsu Creative X Monster Strike “Montage Strike”
  • Japan Goodyear Japan Auto Salon Japan Goodyear “MAHARAJA IN MAKUHARI” “Booth
  • ALWAYS Event just before the release of the sunset on the third street of ’64 Sky Lighting
  • Operation of the 13th eco-products “Town Page Eco 3D Theater” booth
  • Sumitomo Real Estate Reform TV
  • CM production presentation session
  • Pocari Sweat “Sky Message” campaign
  • Namco “AOU” establishment・Operation
  • Skylight promotion for movie “Koi Sora”
  • Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. “Festival to meet wonderful words” Exhibition booth set up and operation
  • Takara Tomy “TOKYO GAME SHOW” display booth set up and operation
  • Showa “TOKYO MOTER SHOW” setup
  • FIAT AUTO JAPAN “Osaka Motor Show FIAT AUTO JAPAN booth”
  • au Damage Co., Ltd. “TV-CM presentation”
  • Starbucks “Starbucks Candy Latte Promotion” set up and operation
  • Renault “RENAULT LUTECIA Launch Event”
  • IEI Jump Festa “street” Campaign promotion”
  • Establishment and operation of “Product PR awareness event” by Alcon Japan Co., Ltd.


  • A certain health food important customer social gathering