Strategic Planning teams
Recruitment of new graduates (2014〜)


I'm doing this kind of work!

As a strategic planner who proposes marketing strategies to companies, I mainly participate in client meetings and make necessary plans together with my boss. Of course, we have a strength of being able to produce advertisements, but of course our company has the ability to produce advertisements, so we sometimes make plans for commercials, websites, etc., and sometimes we make our own copies and commercial content. I also draw.
Also, since I was studying graphics at university, I sometimes take advantage of my skills to create logos and tools for events. I will do whatever I can, and I will try to do what I have never done.

The flow of the day

10:00Arrive at work, check email and reply

After I go to work, I will check the emails from the clients and the photographers and designers who cooperate with me.

11:00Proposal brush up

We will brush up the meeting materials and plans from the afternoon. Today is a CM presentation.

12:00Leave the company for a meeting


I met up with my boss near the client’s building and had a quick lunch.

14:00CM Meeting

Since I’m still a newcomer, I don’t have many opportunities to explain it to the client, but at the time of meetings, I will keep the minutes of the meeting so that I do not miss any requests from the client.

15:00Client Management Meeting

As an assistant, I attend the management meeting in which the president of the client participates and take the minutes like the CM meeting. The best way to study is to actually go to the scene.

18:00Dinner with client

Instead of a serious meeting, it is a fun and enjoyable time.

19:00Return home

Off time after 19:00. In order to quickly become a full-fledged strategic planner, I put a reference book in my hand and put it in my bed.

In a word, what kind of company is Strategic Partners?

I think it’s a company that looks ahead.
Even if you assemble a strategy and put it into an advertisement, instead of just doing what you are asked to do, we will look ahead and propose what is correct and efficient in the future. And I feel like I have the motivation and speed to do it.

A company recommended for such people!

This is a company recommended for those who are curious who want to do anything and who have the kindness of wanting to work for someone.