In-house Partner

In-house partners are "individual" partners who work as members of Strategic Partners. Freelancers and sole proprietors who are involved in the work of Strategic Partners while doing full-time employees or side jobs / side jobs will do their utmost to support our customers.

strategic planning group

The Strategic Service Group is a group that conducts strategic planning to which business strategists and junior strategists belong. In addition to management consulting, we also design creative strategies based on practical experience.

strategic creative group

The Creative Service Group is a group specializing in the production of video, events, WEB, graphics and other creatives. Achieve effective creative production derived from strategy.

strategic solution group

The Solution Service Group is a group that provides solutions such as media buying, system design and IT support, and selection and utilization of strategic tools related to strategic planning.

account executives group

The Account Executive Group is a group to which the Account Executive, who acts as a contact point with customers and supervises strategic planning and creativity, raises customer needs.

Alliance Partner

Alliance partners are partners for "corporations" and "organizations" that collaborate with Strategic Partners. Unlike ordinary business consignment relationships, we participate in regular study sessions and opinion exchange meetings based on the latest management framework "6e" to improve our services.

creative partners

A creative partner is a partner of a corporation or organization specializing in creative, such as a video production company, a web production company, an event production company, a graphic production company, a PR company, a construction company, and a goods / printing company.
Based on the strategy and communication design designed by the strategist, we will realize "really effective" creativity.

production company


media partners

A media partner is a partner of a corporation or organization specializing in media, such as a television media company or a web advertising media company.
We perform media planning and media sales based on the strategy and communication design designed by the strategist.


solution partners

A solution partner is a legal entity that provides solutions such as IT services, servers, and other marketing tools.

IT tools companies


account partners

Account partners are partners that connect Strategic Partners with client companies, such as advertising agencies and consulting firms.


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