Strategic Partners' strengthsストラテジックパートナーズの強み

In order to make corporate policies and management more effective, we use the latest corporate management scheme”6e”, we can support planning and production to your company from three service areas based on”6e”.
Business management is meaningless if it is not carried out even if only a plan is made, and on the contrary, strategies, and measures without a plan may not have an effective effect. We provide a service that enables us to execute our strategy from formulation to implementation.

1.Apply the latest framework to maximize corporate value!

Holistic (bird’s-eye view) perspective considering the overall Optimum is essential for corporate activities. We are using the industry’s first practical and transformable strategic design framework, “6e”, which was developed based on joint empirical research with our company representatives and overseas universities.

Based on the practical holistic marketing, we blend various management strategy tools, and the company’s activity elements “1. Investigation and analysis”, “2. Philosophy and Business domain”, “3. Business strategy”, “4. Marketing”, “5. Management”, and “6. Operations” is a strategic planning tool with a transformability that is classified into “6. Operations” and continuously updated through practice feedback and research.
“6e” enables companies to answer any phase of the challenges facing their services and products.
The strategic planning and product production proposed by our company are designed according to the flow defined in “6e”.
We analyze the environment surrounding companies, services, and products, as well as targets, and design strategic concepts. In some cases, we will redefine the corporate philosophy, domain, and even redefine services and products.


“6e” is an evolving framework that enables companies in any industry to always provide solutions.
The best feature of “6e” is that it captures the expertise acquired in the project, and the papers published in the academic of the marketing strategy and management strategy, and keeps it up to date and evolved by continuing the research.
Up to now, we have been proud of the application track record of more than 1000 companies, and it has been adopted as a strategy to be promoted actually. This means that the expertise that has been verified and implemented in over 1000 projects has been fed back to”6e”.
It is this framework that can be said to be the “secret sauce” of the place called in the cuisine, but “what kind of industry, are you good at the product?” You may receive such a question.
“6e” has no concept of being good at anything. Because it is a < framework = thinking > specialized in problem solving. The “6e” enables us to derive an answer to the that has been modeled as a framework by conducting preliminary analysis based on issues specific to industries, business practices, and environmental factors.


This framework is a proof-of-concept experiment at the University of the EU, and its effectiveness has been scientifically proven.
For companies with a high overall score of 6 components of the company, the performance will also be strong.
Therefore, we know that measures to improve these 6 factors will lead to improvements in corporate performance.
※Trademark patent pending

2.A comprehensive strategy-to-strategy scheme

Strategic Partners is developing a service scheme that can be provided in a holistic manner, from management strategy to product creation to solutions.
In the strategic field, we develop various strategies together with our clients. After that, you will move to strategic execution and we will move to support of strategic execution. At the same time, we will develop products and IT solutions to achieve our strategy.
By providing integrated support that consulting and advertising companies have not previously been able to do, we can provide more effective and lean strategic support.

3.In-house Team and Extensive External Network

It is not to mention that the last “ability of companies and human resources to support” is important for the support of the company.
Many partner companies are in a hurry to grow their own company, and they place importance on the “best of the hand away,” and there is a tendency to neglect human resource education.
We are most focused on developing in-house teams and excellent external partners (corporates and Human Resource) networking.

A)In-House Team

Most of the operations related to management support can be implemented without outsourcing, for example, planning or products.
We have many talented people such as excellent producers, directors, etc., and we flexibly staff it according to the high and low of the budget.


B)External Partner Networking

If you need specialized capabilities and functions, we will select from our rich partner (corporate/individual) network if necessary, and implement the measures by our control.
If you need sharp branding, we will select a branding firm, and if you need efficient media buying, we will select an advertising agency flexible networking depending on your budget.