Medium- and long-term management strategy formulation project for facility maintenance company F



Company F is a small and medium-sized enterprise that has been in business for 50 years since its main business is equipment construction and maintenance. From the president who has just succeeded to the business as a successor, it has been updated for more than 4 years since the site was published, but due to internal resource limitations, it is possible to expect sales effects with a design that suits the times Conducted hearings after consulting the company site renewal.

Implementation content

While conducting hearings in order to set the necessary purpose for the corporate site, we have many management issues such as issues regarding philosophy, vision, mission, existing route sales issues, products/services, business domain issues, etc. We found out. Therefore, it is recommended that even if the makeup of the company site is not corrected, the essential problem will not be solved without solving the buried problem. With the understanding of the president, we proposed and implemented a comprehensive strategic design including product production as a medium- to long-term management strategy formulation project from consultations on company site renewal.

Implementation flow

01. Survey analysis

◯ Regular meeting (once a month) 6 months
Current situation recognition, case studies, internal / external environmental analysis

02. The decision of vision formulation model

◯ Creating a draft vision
◯ Confirmation of draft direction

03. Formulation of new philosophy system

◯ Create a philosophical system proposal through the management vision, brand identity, brand vision, brand policy, and philosophical system hypothesis.
Formulation of technology brand
◯ Formulating a technology brand for expanding existing businesses that use services and businesses as skewers.

04. Philosophy・Brand penetration strategy

◯ Formulate a vision, new philosophy system, and communication strategy to spread the brand inside and outside the company.

05. Action plan formulation

◯ External penetration process
Company Website: Renewal of corporate websites, corporate brochures, exhibiting at exhibitions: appealing technology brands, marketing new products.
◯ Internal penetration process
Vision book, Vision video

06. Execution support

◯Execution support