As a partner company that can support the management of all areas of corporate activities, as a partner company that can provide one-stop service from strategic planning to product creation and solution delivery, we are currently utilizing our services for a number of companies, including General companies, advertising agencies, and consulting firms.
We promise to contribute to the revitalization of Japanese companies through all the support necessary for corporate activities, whether it be Strategic Planning, Product production or solution delivery, and of course in all areas.


More than 1000 companies have been proposed and introduced!

Regardless of the type of business, we feel that fundamental proposals are required to solve corporate issues.

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  • Strategic

    Based on strategic planning, our strategic planning service is to organically connect products and design and implement strategies that maximize effectiveness.
    Our strength is that we can consistently provide services in all areas, or complement and support the missing parts.

  • Strategic

    In order to execute the planned strategy, a professional specializing in specialized areas is required to produce a product.
    We provide products based on strategies, such as videos, events, WEBs, and graphics, through our integrated in-house system. The progress of planning and production is handled completely in-house, and both cost and quality are achieved.

  • Strategic

    In implementing a corporate strategy, various solutions are needed to match the evolution of technology.Media buying, such as TV commercials and newspaper advertisements, is a corporate activities support system that incorporates the flow of "in-house IT systems" that has been advocated by the design or old IT companies such as WEB advertising.


Strategic Partners is looking for individual partners and corporate partners to collaborate with in order to expand its business.

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