Our company's order standard


Things you can't learn from a management book or MBA.

You may be scolded that “application is something you learn through work”,
At the very least, I think sharing this “applied” technique can be very helpful.

Many of the books and MBA education mentioned aboveThere is almost no such thing as this “application”.Therefore, I think that reading the autobiography of a (unfamous and familiar) manager will be a great learning experience.

It’s been a long introduction,Here is one technique that can improve business performance in a relatively short period of time.

If you change the company you work with, the company will improve.

Through the support experience of 1000 companies and the management of the company I can say for sure

The good or bad of internal and external stakeholders (meaning all people involved in the company, the company),
The value of the company (performance, ES, etc.) is determined with a high probability. </ strong> herefore, with one inventory of this stakeholder,Performance will improve in a short period of time.

“I understand what you mean. The point is hiring. If you have good people, you won’t have a hard time.”

Don’t you think (laughs)

of course,Internal human resources are important,

This time, the focus is on reviewing business partners </ strong>.

Does your company have an “ordering standard”?Surprisingly, “recruitment criteria” and “customer criteria (of the supplier)”There are many companies that have Few companies have a “(client’s) ordering standard”.If you do not clarify this “order standard”

① Deterioration of business performance
(2) Decrease in ES (employee satisfaction) and increase in retirement rate

In some cases, bankruptcy occurs,I think.

70% of domestic bankruptcies are “deterioration of business performance”,This is just an ostensible expression,The cause is not explained.The first factor that causes these ① and ② isIn my experience, it happens a lot in companies that didn’t have this “ordering standard”.

I will introduce an example immediately.

The end of the company that did not choose the client

It was about 10 years ago.I was called by a person in charge of a major advertising agency.It was a job request, but it was an event & system production job for a major telecommunications company.

The budget scale is also large,Because it is a company with a brandAt first I was excited.Apparently, the work is done every year,For some reason, the vendor changed every year.

I asked, “Why does the company in charge change every year?”

No clear answer was obtained from the agency representative.

I was suspicious and refused the job.The company I joined was an event company that my colleagues knew.

A few months later, the friend called me.The event company mentioned above went bankrupt.

If you listen carefully,The event company was swayed by a major telecommunications company and advertising agency,Despite mobilizing most of the company’s employees
The system does not meet the requirements(The result can be used, but only some of the conditions are incomplete)

He said he couldn’t make a claim and even the president and employees became depressed.

Yes, as I expected He was a black client.

(It seems that there was no problem with the technical capabilities of the event company)

My own decision to withdraw from this case was very correct,I still remember being relieved.

Let’s talk brightly next time.

When I was a commercial producerI went to sales in various places.Sales were successful,I was contacted by a client.I would be happy to ask youThe order amount for work is 100,000 yen.The content was the work of an event to spin a garapon in Ginza (laughs).

“I’m a CM producer, but …”

Though I thought, I did my best in that job.Such work continued several times,Was called again.Was it a mess?

“Let’s use a bigger galapon next time.”If you go out thinking about it,

“It’s a commercial job, but do you want to do it?”

The work has a large budget,As a result, we won the International Advertising Award.As I heard later,The person in charge”Ashida-kun asked for a commercial because he will do his best even with a budget of 100,000.”Such me, tooI respected the person in charge, so even with a budget of 100,000, my work was fun.

This is one example where 100,000 jobs have led to tens of millions of jobs.

There are still more episodes like this, but I’m not sure, so I’ll do it so far.Well, is the former better or the latter better?It’s more obvious than looking at the fire.

From such an experience

“If you choose a good client,The company will prosper and the motivation of employees will increase. ”

“If you choose a bad client,The company will fall and employees will lose motivation. “I learned that.

I couldn’t learn this at MBA,Considering that many companies do not have “order standards”,I think this is a concept that many business people are not aware of.
(Many people deal with it unconsciously, but …)

From these experiences,Through the client pattern analysis so far,The company has created an “order standard”.

Therefore, as a reference for your company to create an “ordering standard”,Introducing our company’s “ordering standards”.

Our company's order standard

Create a company with good ordering standards </ strong>If you continue to work in the future,
Meet various clients.

・ Famous company,

・ Large company,

・ The budget is large

At first, I am delighted to receive an order from such a company,There are many mistakes in order judgment,Being swayed by clientsThere is no payment even after delivery,
Responsibility may be passed on.When I work with such a client,Decreased employee motivation, exhaustion,Deterioration of finance, etc.Only bad things happen.

Therefore, we have a clear ordering standard.This is an analysis of various cases from our PQC data,It was formulated.In fact, if you do business without observing this ordering standard,Almost 100%, the above troubles occur.

The basis of the order standard isIt will be polite and moral on the client side.The background necessary for human social activities, such as etiquette and morality,
Whether or not the owners and employees of the client company have fallen properly.Of course, not only do we seek politeness and morality from our clients,
Keep in mind that we too are being asked for this standard by our external partners.

What is the ordering standard for Strategic Partners?

Good customer: </ strong>

Good customers have the following elements: Please keep this requirement in mind when starting a transaction.
Transactions with customers such as the following, whether it is a small company or a small order amount, will bring great profits to the company in the future. Such transactions with customers create an increase in final profit, increase staff motivation, and increase opportunity opportunities, which also creates an opportunity for the company.

</ strong>
・ A company with genuine company performance

・ A company that does not have a large amount of debt (money)

</ strong>
・ A company with accumulated know-how (explicit knowledge, tacit knowledge)

・ Companies with many networks (information)

・ Companies that have accumulated brand facts

・ A company that owns brilliant products and services (things)

</ strong>
・ A company where management / executives always wish for corporate growth

・ A company that carries out its mission without being biased toward making money

・ A company with a passion and spirit that managers / executives get involved in

・ A company with an attitude of growing together

・ A company that values ​​employees (humans)

・ Companies that value partner companies

・ A company with good etiquette
Oppositely vigilant customers: </ strong>
On the contrary, the customers who should be cautious have the following elements. It is imperative that you do not be fooled by the size of your company, brand power, and large order amount when dealing with customers. Such transactions with customers can lead to lower final profits, increased occupancy, lower staff motivation, loss of opportunities for other deals, and in some cases put the company in a critical situation. Be careful when starting a transaction.

・ A company with many employees who speak badly about the company: It is not a Jinba Ittai, and you can do anything if you blame the company.

・ Companies that end with gratitude: If you say thank you, I think it will be free of charge.

・ Companies seeking volume and advancement payments: Not prepared to pay for services.

・ Companies that make external factors: Always seek their own responsibility outside. (Responsibility transfer constitution)

・ A company that eats knowledge: A sequel idea that flickers big work and pulls know-how.

・ A company with a bad attitude and poor etiquette: Looking down at a partner. An icon that treats outsourced companies as slaves.

・ Unmotivated company: If it doesn’t catch fire, the result is not absolute.

・ Companies that do not keep their promises: If they cannot keep their small promises, they cannot achieve their big goals.

・ A company that discounts: I do not feel the value of the service.

・ Companies that do not agree with each other: People who speak only are not responsible for ordering.

・ Competing companies: An expression of the awareness that they do not want to take responsibility for their work. (Outsourced discrimination constitution) </ em>


You may have thought, “This company is cheeky.” However, in the past, I myself was concerned about sontaku, concern, and commercial distribution, and I felt suffocated both inside and outside the company, and even though I was the president, I sometimes hated going to the company. Indirectly, time and money were taken away, and even the finances deteriorated.

The wise conclusion of the cause was the decision to stay away from the unpleasant (be honest with yourself), or to give advice. At the same time as that decision, we were called by our partner staff. Apparently, the staff of our company treated me badly, so I directly appealed to the president (me).

External partners are a great asset to us. Because without them, the business would not be possible. (Https://toyokeizai.net/articles/-/258196?page=3) Our staff was disrespectful to the external partner. This was a big shock. From there, we decided to stop our expansion route and switch to moral management (http://strategicpartners.jp/websys/column/column-3723).

Now I am very grateful to that external partner. Because he told me about the vulnerability of the company. From then on, I started to say what I noticed, whether it was a client, an employee, or a friend. That’s why (in the company) the above “order standard” was created. Then something strange happened.

Friends are more profitable to friends, good companies are more profitable to themselves, and free-riders and parasite-prone people and companies are moving away.

The above background is included in the “Order Criteria”. Please try to create this “order standard” by all means. However, it is wise not to publish it like we do. Thank you for your understanding. Sentence: Hiroshi Ashida

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