We Interviewed Sign Post Co.,Ltd. President Yasushi Kambara about the relationship with us and company the evaluation of the company

サインポスト株式会社 代表取締役社長 蒲原寧様に弊社についてインタビューしました。

Process,quality,cost are all five stars

Signpost Co., Ltd. Business introduction

We are a company that sets a guideline for customers’ management issues and implements them through three businesses of IT-based consulting, solutions, and innovation.

In the consulting business, we are engaged in consulting centering on financial institutions as a member of the customer’s IT department, and in the solution business we provide solutions that are devised and optimized according to the business characteristics of each customer, and solve the management and business problems of the customer.

In the innovation business, we develop products and services from scratch and contribute to solving management issues. After being listed on Mothers in November 2017, listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in May 2019. It is a company with a high degree of attention in the IT field.


We interviewed Signpost Co., Ltd. President Yasushi Kambara about the relationship with Strategic Partners and the evaluation of the company.


Relationship with Strategic Partners

I met Mr. Ashida, the representative of Strategic Partners, at a meeting with the management sponsored by the publisher.

With that in mind, we started to talk about our recruitment and have them create a video and pamphlet of the recruitment. Once I made it, I was satisfied with it, so I renewed our corporate website, installed AI register “Wonder Register” utilizing SPAI and image recognition technology, and SPAI, image recognition technology, object tracking technology We are mainly assisting with the tools necessary for corporate activities, such as an introduction video of “Super Wonder Cashier”, a through-type unattended store system utilizing cashiers.

Closely tailor what you want to convey and think about the optimal output

Strategic Partners is a company that consistently carries out everything from strategy to products and solutions, but at our company, the strategy part is handled by myself as the president and each department, so I did not ask for the design of the strategy part. However, we needed a partner company to understand this and design and produce the necessary tools.

Speaking to Strategic Partners, rather than trying to make a design on the surface, we deeply understand who we are, what kind of business and initiatives we have now, what challenges we need to face, and what we want to do in the future. I received various suggestions, saying, “If so, let’s design it like this.”

“Use this tool to approach stakeholders such as users in this way.”

This is an amateur who is creative, so rather than talking about detailed design, I received various suggestions in response to the phrase “we want to convey such a thing”, so I was convinced.

Evaluation of Strategic Partners

I haven’t really asked many companies here and there, but I think that I have achieved some results by embodying what I want to convey to this point. That’s why the process, quality, and cost are all five stars.

The video and pamphlet of the recruitment that I asked for at the very beginning, but before making it, the president myself was deeply involved in the recruiting activities.

In the video of the recruitment that I made, I dared to convey the tough part of the work, telling the customers that it is happy, that I am also growing and being impressed in the drama etc. This is linked to the message of employees who are in charge of each business division.

I can not say unequivocally because I am making efforts for recruiting activities within my company, but even now, as the president I took a step back from recruiting activities, students who meet at interviews understand that the sign post is important. I feel that I am doing it.

What to expect from Strategic Partners

I am thinking of doing business as a means to realize it in order to create a rich Japan up to my grandchildren. Our business is to add value to the world and to make our customers happy. We are trying to maximize it. So it doesn’t mean that you’re done when you reach somewhere.

Also, the AI (SPAI) image recognition technology used in the wonder register and super wonder register can be applied to various industries. …The goal is to endlessly expand the breadth of our business and improve the world.

What you can expect from Strategic Partners is the same with your company, but even if you have the ability to do a good job, I think it is meaningless unless you spread it to the world.

The times are changing, so I hope we can become a company that responds to the worries of companies that have various problems.

Company profile

Sign Post Co., Ltd.

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