In order to provide comprehensive support to companies, we have staff with various experiences such as corporate consultants, producers (video, event, graphic, WEB), designers, directors. All staff understand "6e" and work together on corporate issues.
*6e is Strategic Partners' business strategy framework.

strategic pranning group

Hiroshi Ashida
Business Strategist

Master of Business Administration (MBA), School of Business Administration, University of Wales, UK
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), EU Business School
Joined a TV commercial production company in 1991. In charge of TV commercials for many major companies as a TV commercial producer. As an advertising producer, engaged in corporate promotion, TV commercials, events, web production, etc. After that, he launched Strategic Partners Co., Ltd., and is currently planning and producing corporate strategy, marketing strategy, promotion, etc.

Government offices, NTT East, NTT Communications, Matsumotokiyoshi, Takara Tomy, Ajinomoto, NTT Docomo, Honda Motor Co., Seiko, Shiseido, Microsoft Japan, Red Bull, JTB, Kagome, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, etc.

London International Advertising Awards, IBA, New York Festival and domestic awards

World's easiest management strategy planning course (Gentosha)

  1. Other staff
    Nobuhisa Kamada
    Business Strategist

    EU Business School Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
    Master of Science (MOT ), Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Graduate School of Social Sciences, Waseda University

    Introduced Japan's first Internet banking at a US bank/financial institution, M&A investment banking, and management including representative in Japan. Also in charge of business development and marketing at a US-based Fintech and virtual currency related company. Since 2014, Professor at MBA Topup Qualifi-PGD Course, UK University. Since 2018, he has also served as a professor in the doctoral program (PhD in Business / DBA). The lectures in charge are strategy, marketing and HRM.

    ■Books, papers
    ・Service Sciences-Aiming for innovation management that opens up a new era (Co-author) ・Movie "Vulture" Financial Examination Other TV dramas, etc.

    Masaru Ninomiya
    Junior Strategist

    Born in 1965 in Tokyo 1985 Joined NTT as a radio communication engineer after debuting as a broadcast writer in 1987. Since 1994, as a producer of NTT Ad Creative Bureau, he has been engaged in video production (CM, VP, etc.), construction (exhibitions, pavilions, showrooms, science museums), sales promotion, WEB, etc. 2015 Established Planning & Produce Company [Full Set Co., Ltd.].

    NTT Group companies, Ministry of Defense/Air Self-Defense Force, Electronic Arts, etc.

    Minoru Tsutsumi
    Junior Strategist

    Joined Design Production. As a producer, mainly in IT related companies, engaged in advertising/catalog production. Joined Planning Agency in 2001. In addition to advertising/package/web production direction work for many companies, he also directs operations in the planning and production areas, such as the launch of online service business with system development and motorsport promotion/event planning, as a producer. After that, he became a central member of design production and event projects at Design Production. We provide a unified production work from project planning <upstream work> to output expression <downstream work>.

    Tokyo inbound promotion business, Sagakeen “Tokyo Tower” event, 3M dental medical device announcement event, Dell Computer, Oracle Japan, NEC, Mainichi Shimbun, Aoyama Flower Market, Toyota Motor Corporation, Nippon Kellogg, Suzuka Circuit, Twinlink Motegi, Honda Motor Co., Oizumi, Matsushita Electric Works, Breitling Japan, etc.

    Sayaka Kaizu
    Junior Strategist

    Joined Strategic Partners in 2014. Immediately after joining the company, he participated in multiple projects and, in addition to the design skills he had cultivated as a student, actively demonstrated his support for the production of various products regardless of category. As an assistant strategist, various research and many proposals He is responsible for many projects in the areas of creation, strategic planning and execution support.

    Government offices, Hackts Project, Linkrea, Choju no Sato, Sankyo Reel, etc.

strategic product group

Hiroyuki Inaba

Worked at a documentary film production company. Focused on race video production, produced promotional videos for Toyota, Yamaha, Nippon Denso, etc. Since 1989, moved to the United States with the establishment of a California subsidiary. Production of promotional video for the United States. In 1991, started a new video production company and worked as a managing director. Engaged in various video productions.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. Digital tire campaign related VP production, Japan Goodyear Co., Ltd. TV-CM, radio CM, Tokai Passenger Railway Co., Ltd. 8 titles of business introduction video for employee education (Keidanren Award), Sumitomo Kagaku Olyset Net (Malaria) Introductory video of the mosquito net), Chinese Expo exhibition video, ANA CA recruitment video, TV Asahi Press Station Shuzo Matsuoka corner

Keidanren Award, (JR Tokai Conventional Line Introductory Work), Ebunren Award Corporate Communication Category Excellence Award (Sumitomo Rubber Industries Motorcycle Tire α-13)

  1. Other staff
    Yuji Fukuda

    1985 Joined CM production company Brown. After working as a production manager, worked as a commercial producer for Dentsu, Hakuhodo, Daihiro, and Asahi Advertising. 2003 Transferred to Light Publicity Co., Ltd. Deputy general manager and senior manager. In charge of CM for various products such as dressing and pasta sauce at Kewpie Co., Ltd., the main client. Also, many ACC Awards, etc. have been won. In addition to commercials, he has also been involved in corporate VPs and video productions, producing numerous DVDs and the like. In charge of Yokohama Rubber, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Mos Burger, Kuraray, Shiseido, etc. In addition to commercials, he is involved in advertising production, has won advertising awards, and is involved in event images such as motor shows.

    Small and Medium Business Administration, au General Insurance Co., Ltd. "Au-te", Yamaguchi Denki Kogyo, etc.

    Takeshi Funakoshi

    Engaged in production work at a CM production company while still in college. After joining the production department of a mid-sized advertising agency, he was mainly in charge of planning and production of SPs, events and exhibitions as a director. After that, he was in charge of planning and implementation of general promotion as a creative producer.

    Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd., Tommy Co., Ltd., Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., Namco Co., Ltd. Pola Cosmetics Main Office, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Novartis Agro Co., Ltd.

    Kunio Nozawa

    As a bilingual director, he works in Red Bull and works in over 30 countries to produce and shoot. He has a wealth of directing experience from commercial images to music videos and documentary works.
    In addition to planning and composition, he has established a unique worldview and storyline with comprehensive strengths including writing scripts.

    Lexus, Yamaha, HITACHI, Mastercard, Red Bull, Rakuten, Sumitomo 3M, Kyocera, etc.

      ■Award history
    In 2017, her short film won the Foreign Language Short Film Award at the Nice International Film Festival. Also elected to the 33rd Boston Film Festival and the 9th NY Buffalo Film Festival.

    Chie Nantani

    After graduating from Tokyo Visual Arts College, joined Shirakawa Pro Co., Ltd.
    Engaged in video editing of international news and news information programs with NHK satellite broadcasting No. 1, but left the company to study in the United States.
    Received AA Degree specializing in Radio/TV Producer and Career Certificate for Multimedia Production at Long Beach City College in California and experienced Sales and Assistant Producer at a Japanese production company in Los Angeles and returned to Japan in 2008.
    After returning to Japan, he took a freelance job as Assistant Producer for TV programs and Production Manager for commercial production. After joining Strategic Partners, he returned to the United States in 2015. Currently based in Los Angeles, he is active in various fields such as production coordinator and marketing planner.

    Seiji Hariya

    After working as an advertising production company and a consulting company, he became active with the concept of "connecting design and management" after becoming independent. We are engaged in a wide range of activities from the formulation of management principles to the output of graphic design, product design, etc.

    ■Major awards
    GOOD DESIGN award, WOOD DESIGN award, APA AWARD award, Mainichi Advertising design award, Tokyo ADC award, JAGDA award

    ■Exhibition of
    original characters at the EXHIBITION STAR BUCKS RESERVE Concurrently producing and art direction for the Made Mermaid exhibition at STAR BUCKS RESERVE

    ■Major achievements
    Mitsukoshi Department Store, ISETAN, Ferrari, TOYOTA, L'Occitane Japon, Bridgestone, GOLF PRIDE, BEAMS Golf, Club Michelin, LANVIN, DACKS, Aquascutum, Lawson, Natural Lawson, Calbee, Teikyo University Medical Science Center

    Tsubasa Saito

    Joined Strategic Partners in 2013. While being a graphic designer, he participated in internal projects cross-cuttingly. Immediately after joining the company, he has been active in areas other than the designer field, such as video production and event production. In addition, he is in charge of graphic production (logo development, advertisement production, etc.) based on strategy.

    au General Insurance Co., Ltd. “Novelty” “Event Panel”, Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd., Veriserve Co., Ltd., Kahei Co., Ltd. “Corporate Brochure”, OzmapR Co., Ltd. “In-house Tool”, etc.

    Tatsuru Ohmura

    Responsible for animation and original drawings at a long-established animation company. As VJ team "5ninby(c)", he works as DJ.patrick's exclusive VJ at the club event Moda in Omotesando, Shibuya.
    Producing a large number of video works with artist music clips, TV jingles, and other styles that combine animation and live action. As a compositor and CGI director, he has created numerous works by making full use of motion graphics, animations, 3DCG, etc. After participating in the launch of Strategic Partners Co., Ltd., he worked as a WEB director, "Missui Omura Taisui," with the video. Currently, I am utilizing my experience so far to direct web and video in accordance with my strategy.

    PALM DRIVE (AKIRA+BOA+ZEEBRA) PV, SKY Perfec TV! Jingle Animation, Little Tempo Live VJ, Matsumoto Kiyoshi CM, Mitsui Direct Sompo "mujicology" etc.

    Tsuyoshi Kizu

    Majored in Music Tech at New York University.
    While involved in recording studios, still photography, film production, etc., he was in charge of audio technology such as TV broadcasting, and after working on sports program technology, he moved to production. Currently, he is active in a wide range of activities such as coordination and shooting technology for promotional clip sports broadcasts for athletes, motor sports on-board video technology, corporate commercials, and PV production technology.

    Program: Environment-related programs such as the wonderful spaceship Earth issue, the dawn of Gaia, and various J sports program productions.
    Red Bull CMs, PVs, Corporate CMs, PVs

    Ayano Isaka

    Majored in product design at Toyo Art School, studied graphic design independently while attending school, and joined a car-related manufacturer in 2014. Mainly engaged in graphic production of logos, packages, websites, catalogs, instruction manuals, etc., engaged in a wide range of activities such as in-house direction for events and movie production. After that, he is active in expanding the range such as copywriting mainly for graphic production and making Yuru characters as an illustrator.

    Natural Lawson Lawson Saitama City Elementary and Junior High School Sato Sakae Gakuen Kuge Motors, etc.

strategic Solution group

Tomoki Sekiguchi
Web Analyst Master/Proposal Web Analyst

He has been engaged in site sales since 2006, and has been involved in numerous sales projects.
He also sells and sells multiple sites at his company, and also does various productions and consulting, and has clients all over Japan and overseas.
Also, only 1% of web analysts in Japan are web analyst masters.
He is good at conducting wire design improvement and inflow measures based on access analysis, and is leading to business results. As a WACA certified web analyst master, he is involved in improving sites for a wide range of customers from large companies to small and medium-sized companies.
We specialize in operating sites that sell well, sites that receive inquiries, points of renovation, etc., and efficient management.

■Written Achievements
Official texts for the web analyst certification test, WEB DESIGNING, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Users Association column, etc.

  1. Other staff
    Yuuki Furukawa
    Senior web analyst

    As an embedded engineer for bank ATMs and convenience store ATMs, for 2 years, he has a track record of production management, sales management, business application such as school entrance examination system from large companies to apparel EC sites and company sites.

    Yoshihisa Masui
    Solution manager

    After graduating from university, he got a job as a UNIX engineer, then worked as a help desk, programmer, ISMS acquisition staff, and after joining NTT, he worked as a system engineer on prefectural office server and network construction and operation. After that, he was in charge of numerous projects and consultants such as insurance system project manager, virtual environment construction, information security introduction, IT consulting.

    Repertoire Genesis Co., Ltd., Hotel Seikai Co., Ltd., Construction Industry Welfare Mutual Aid, ZTV Co., Ltd., Mie Prefectural Office, Yokkaichi City Hall, etc.

    Atsushi Imaki
    System Engineer

    Since 1999, he has been involved in many web related programs such as web application development, customer management system and matching system.

    NHK Educational Television, Omiya Ardija, NTT Docomo, Manda Hakko Co., Ltd., etc.

    Kazunari Araki
    Chief pilot

    Has experience in a wide range of genres, including movies, commercials, programs, and PV shooting. Originally, as a drone pilot, he has an outstanding talent for on-site production communication because he has experience in directing and shooting.

    ■Certification etc.
    JUDIA Unmanned Aircraft Operation Skills Certificate No.PLT01322
    JUDIA Unmanned Aircraft Safe Operation Manager No.FSO-01322
    JUIDA Certified School Instructor No. INS-00359
    DJI Skill Certification Certificate INSTRUCTOR Certification Number 20000612
    DJI Skill Certification Certificate INSTRUCTOR Certification Number 10000001

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